Wk 4

Hi all, I have only recently found this brilliant forum. Started C25k a few weeks ago and have so far managed the runs (slowly!). I am due to do run 3 tomorrow and know I will wake up feeling sick at the thought! Please does anyone have good strategies for putting the gremlins aside?? Also ...... Does anyone else feel really tired? I feel like I could sleep all day!! X


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  • Yep, just deny the existence of gremlins. Think positive. You can do this. Yes it should be tiring so don't worry about that. Slow is absolutely excellent and is what's required for this caper, so no worries about that either.

    Just take each run as it comes, put one foot in front of the other and go. No need to overthink it. Just do it. If you go nice and slow, and give yourself room to breathe, you should start to enjoy it. Vary your route a bit so you don't get fed up

  • just have faith in the programme and keep bashing those gremlins! Tell yourself repeatedly, you can do this! Keep it slow and steady and visualise coming back on here tomorrow and telling us how you did it - that really helps! Good luckπŸ™‚!

  • Well done for getting to the last run for W4. I completed W2 a couple of days ago & yesterday & today struggled to get motivated to move zzzzzzzzzzzzz!

  • Yep, to everything you have said, it does get better and easier as you go along.

    just keep going :)

  • Well done, you're nearly in week 5. When I get the gremlins visit, I just say to myself, well I'm going anyway and going to put one foot in front of the other. So far I haven't had to repeat any runs. I find if I'm struggling I slow it down. I am going rather slow as a tortoise though. Lol.

  • Read the posts of those who are ahead of you in the Programme - you will find out that while the Gremlins might still be around, they lose their power the more you run :) Also - don't trick yourself into where you think ANY run is 'win/fail' :) There are 'success' days and there are 'practice' days only :) Think of your W1D1 - bet you were as big a mess as any of us at the end of it, and look at you now knocking off all those runs and racking up the minutes :)

  • Hi! Your body is bound to rebel a bit at what you are suddenly asking it to do. Just stick with the programme - it's got thousands of us through - no reason why you should be different.

    Good luck!

  • In case you come on here looking for inspiration and encouragement before today's run, go on TessHardy - you can do this! :)

  • Thanks everyone! It felt different heading out this morning knowing there is so much positivity around!! Wk 4 done! I was wondering - what do you all think about whilst running? I am trying to divert my mind away from my legs! Tried the podcast but the earphones kept falling out! Enjoy your runs if you're out today! Xx

  • Hi Tess, you've done this run twice already so you're more than able. It's just the mind gremlins. I suffered with that at around the same stage. Would feel sick just thinking about doing the run. It is just the gremlins though because you know your body is up to it. Think back to how you felt after completing run 2, Yay I did it! You can do this one too. Onward to week 5 :)

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