Couch to 5K

Where to start again?

As predicted in a previous post, once my exams were over and the summer holidays began, the running thing completely went to pot. I've been out running a few times in the last month and a half, but mostly it's been too hot / too cold / too hilly / (too hungover). I'm trying to get back into a routine, though, and wondering where to start again. I got to the end of week 7, and don't want to feel frustrated by going back too far and finding it easy, but I know I'm easily dissuaded if I try for too long a run and don't make it. Any tips on getting back into it, eg from people getting off the injury couch?

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I was running regular then had a back injury and didn't run for about 4 months. I tried to run for 5 mins and couldn't so I just started again from week 1. Just go out and see how you're feeling and judge which week to start with :-)


I got injured in week 5 the first time round and had nine weeks off. When I started again I went back to the very start as I wanted to build up and not risk injurying my leg again, it was much easier and more enjoyable second time round till week 5 which is a hard week anyway and it took me several goes to achieve that. Now starting week 8 and am pleased I am doing well , why don't you go back a few weeks and see show it goes?


Thanks both, went back to the beginning of week 6 and it was a bit much, but I think I'll stick at that one until I crack it and the go from there!


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