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All this following orders seems to be working, slow down, Slow Down, SLOW DOWN, stretch exercises, deep freeze gel. Week 4, run 1, feeling good then started run, pain in shins and knees, not as bad as last week, slowed right down, finished run thinking will this pain ever go away. Week 4, run 2, feeling good then started run, what !!! no pain in shins or knees, feeling really good running. Run finished, slight pain in knee, awesome, looking forward to next run, might even manage Corporal Jones pace. Thanks everyone for help.

5 Replies

  • Great but don't up pace too much. Remember slow...slow...slow!

  • By the right... slow, slow, slow... You are getting there...:)

  • Fantastic! Stay slow though. :)

  • Brilliant - keep it slow :-)

  • Well done WillieMac! Sounds like you've absolutely got the hang of this!

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