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Week 7 Run 3

There seems to be a bit of a pattern developing here in terms of my pre-run preparations. Yesterday there was a bit of a celebration here which culminated in dinner out last night as today is not a school day for some but is a running day for me.

I completed the run in good time, probably my fastest yet, and so brought this week to a conclusion. Overall my pace was faster than last week although next week I intend to slow it down again as I concentrate on increasing my running time so I do not expect to run much further. It is all about getting to that magic 30 minutes of running.

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Week 8. Bring it on :) That 'fat lad at the back' is sneaking up on the front runners!


Well done, over the line to the eights! Great run and acheivement.

Suppose I should get out there then 😄 As McFatty says "Following you........"🏃🏽🏃🏽🏃🏽


Good on finishing this week I am going to save the celebration for the last run of week 9 as I think we will have earned it has been fun so far lets enjoy it as we look forward to next week and beyond

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