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Week 3 R1

So today went for a run in the park at 7am this morning. Figured it would be the best time to run before the heat of the day kicked in. At first I thought to myself, slow down. So I slowed down and then before I knew it I was on the last run. After giving myself a once over I realised I didn't feel like I had been trying hard and it occurred to me that maybe I could run a little faster. So that's what I did, I ran a little faster and completed it. The weird thing for me is that even whilst doing all this extra running, my heart rate was pretty good compared to week 1 when I was hitting 178 hr. My max on the last run was 174 and only because I ran faster. Even after I finished the podcast I still felt like running more but I councillled myself out of extra runs for today. I'll probably pick up the pace a bit tomorrow.

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Well done on completing the run especially in this heat, but there is no need for speeding up at this stage. By running as slowly as possible you are getting your body used to the motion and so building strength and stamina. My advice to you is slow down even more. Keep the speed for after graduation.

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