Couch to 5K

The tortoise and the hare.......slow but sure!

Well I am definitely the tortoise in the story and slowly but surely I have this morning completed week 8! Graduation is in my sights.

I wanted to go out last night but it was so hot and with an already thumping head u thought better of it, so this morning at 5am I was up and raring to go!

Outside sun was coming up and as I started my walk I thought yep there's a nice breeze, hopefully my beetroot look won't be increased this morning by the heat - boy was I wrong I have been home now an hour and a half, showered and ready for work - but nope I'm still glowing brightly and I have put make- up on, not that you can tell, and where it will be when I finally stop glowing who knows! ☺️

But I am feeling really positive that I can do this now, and for all of you newbies who are starting the journey think I will never get there - believe me if I can you can, I've had knee and ankle problems, and other ups and downs along they way, and yes I've not been the hare but I have nearly got there and I so pleased that I started this journey!

Happy sunny Tuesday😎😎

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Congrats!! I had the same beetroot-face experience yesterday, even after having a cold shower! Luckily it will fade quickly as you cool down during the morning :)


Yes, you can do this!! Well done, three more runs and you're a graduate!! :)


Well done! I'm in awe of all these early morning runners - I really can't cope well with it at all! But what a fantastic start to your day :)


An inspirational post. Thanks and well done.


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