Couch to 5K

Week 9 Run 2

Ok, so after 3 really positive runs in a row my penultimate run was the worst one yet!

Its all my own fault as I spent the whole of Saturday afternoon-evening drinking in the pub garden. Got up Sunday morning and thought, yeah lets just give it a go. I can now safely say to you all a 30 minute run in the hot weather while hungover is not a very good idea.

I was struggling after just 5 minutes and even though I tried to push through the pain barrier, it just never happened and I had a 30 minute run from hell. I have no idea how, but I managed to get through it anyway.

Anyway, lesson learned and now looking forward to my graduation run tomorrow night where I will most certainly not be hungover!

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Oh well it's as rare as hens' teeth that the weather is nice enough to spend so long in a garden so you probably did the only thing you could under the circumstances! But you did the run so a big well done.

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You completed it David , you dug deep and didn't give up , Well done ! You were probably dehydrated too and that can make it really tough .

But not to worry, job done !

Graduation tomorrow ! - Good Luck :-) xxx

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You live and you learn. Great work for not giving up. Have a great graduation run. I'll be looking out for your next post!

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