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Couch to 5K
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Completed my first 5k (at wk 8 run 2!)

I'm so pleased to have run my first full 5k yesterday!! I was doing wk 8 run 2 after a break of 3 days from run 1, feeling full of energy and determination... So when Laura said to stop after 28 mins I just kept going because I wasn't too tired, and managed 5k in 32 mins!

I'm so glad to have found this podcast and urge everyone to keep going, whatever stage you're at! I had a few difficult weeks (completing the full 25 mins was really tough and I failed a few times), but I've realised that I *can* do this! At school I was always the little chubby kid at the back during PE class runs, who got a stitch after two minutes. I never thought I would be good at running. And now I can run a 5k! So whatever point you're at, don't give up! Believe in yourself :D

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Wow, well done speedy!

It's a great feeling when you suddenly realise - I can do this!

Just take care to consolidate a bit. The injury couch is full f new runners who got a bit carried away!

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Thanks, I will - I've been doing additional fartlek training which I think has helped with my stamina. I've also been dealing with injuries on and off since starting (due to pre-existing muscle problems), so have been taking recommended precautions to prevent injury for a while! :)


Wow! thats amazing - well done and very inspirational - I do my week 4 run 3 in a few minutes - found run 2 tough so these thoughts will keep me going today :-)

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You can do it! :D


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