w1d2 of the speedy c25k


The first few run-segments were a bit easier than Tuesday; I only felt 'exhausted' in maybe the third segment.

It also went surprisingly quickly, which was a real sense of deja-vu as that is how I felt last time. Surprised when the lovely Laura said 'only two more runs'.

I also monitored my cadence and tried to keep that high on the running segments, which according to the Garmin charts was quite successful.

My legs hurt quite a bit more than Tuesday, but I forgot to 'tuck under' when running fast. On my 5Ks this isn't a problem as I have a good posture now by default, but running fast is too alien for my body to 'fall into' the usual form. The intense lower-back pain also flared up. Not too much, and easily fixed with better form.

So, really pleased so far. Not sure I will be able to sustain the pace next week, but let's see!

(Oh, and really glad last night was 'date night' instead of 'easy 5K night' otherwise I expect my legs would be screaming at me).


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12 Replies

  • Sounds good yatesco, but don't overdo it! I think we're still at risk for quite a long time after graduation if we ramp it up too quickly. Glad you're still enjoying yourself and I might pinch some of your ideas. I'm not ready for a "streak" yet though.

  • Streaking should definitely be saved for major sporting events 😀

  • I'm in awe - speed! 😀

  • Thanks!

  • Are you going to go on and do the whole programme again? Or are you sticking with the earlier runs? I've "done" W1, but think I'll continue with it. One minute of speed running is still more than enough at the moment and I don't find it easy doing it 8x!

  • Hiya, ATM I am planning to do the whole thing again interspersed with very easy 5K runs/walks.

    But it is definitely a case of seeing how it goes :-)

  • I am seriously impressed with the amount of data you are collecting and your running times! Well done! So let me get this right, you are doing the whole programme from start but trying to do it faster?

  • Thanks Cairokitten. That's right. I graduated a few months ago and essentially ran lots of easy slow 5Ks. I am definitely a 'gadget guy' and love the charts, but I am not actually motivated by achieving a certain X (distance, speed etc.) if that makes sense.

    However, I would like to improve my fitness to run a 5K faster than I currently run, and I would like to build my overall tolerance for running faster.

    Rather than cobble together my own plan I thought I would continue the easy 5Ks (2 or 3 a week) but start the c25K again but each running segment will be run at my 95%. Hopefully I will see the amount of time I can run that without my heart exploding :-) improve over time. If not, running really fast is just great fun :-).

    In other words, that wall of text is saying "Yes" to your question.

  • Good to have a goal, I feel you'll get there! Best of luck 😀

  • Take care Yatesy, screaming legs and intense back pain sounds a little worrying!

  • It is actually exactly what I felt when I started c25k last time but I corrected it through my form ('tucking under' as my physio-wife says). Now when I run it is 'natural' for me to tuck under, but my 'running fast' form is not really lame and requires me to consciously think about it, which I forgot to do :-).

  • Pain really is a good teacher, but then again, I own vibrams :-).

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