Week 5 run 3✔️ None runner making progress!

Hi, I have been reading posts for some time, however, this is the first time I feel wow! and wanted to share the feeling. I really thought I would never achieve the buzz others have told me about and posted about. Everyone else I see seems to be off like a shot, I sort of feel like a tortoise bumbling along slower than I can walk.

So, thank you all for the encouragement that you have given me without knowing it! I have jogged along stately as a galleon, smoothly as a swan (thank you Laura) little legs going below the hedge and fence line slowly going forward for TWENTY minutes!! Who'd of thought it, this is one Grandma going somewhere - happy day

What ever is going to happen in week 6?


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8 Replies

  • Amazing, well done you!!! So glad you got 'the feeling'!! Welcome to the forum too. Keep us informed with how you're getting on!

  • Well done! I'm repeating 5-1. Today but it's reassuring 5-3is achievable! Wish I was running as smooth as a swan !

  • I think 'the swan' might be in my head and the reality is more Mrs Tiggywinkle! But I am OK with that. I still can't believe I did it, I just kept repeating, small steps....... Good luck

  • I found W5R3 the best buzz of the lot, enjoy!

  • I did W5R3 yesterday and must admit looking forward to week 6 like you to see what it brings I tend to run in the mornings so my next run is Monday looking to see how you get on

  • Me too, I hope it is cooler than last week!

  • Well done! You've reached the first major peak!

  • Week 5 run three is a pivotal moment in the program, once you have completed that you move on and realise that you can get to the end. Congratulations, stick to the program and in 4 weeks time you will graduate! How scary is that?👍🏼😀

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