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Today's run

1. Got excited about using my new toy (Garmin Forerunner 10)

2. Waited impatiently for the GPS to find my location.

3. Set off on my new route.

4. Keep glancing at the Garmin to check my progress.

5. Forgot to change the settings to kilometers.

6. Forgot I'd only had 4½ hours sleep after the pooch decided he needed to go out twice in the night (you can't ignore the wet nose and whining in your ear).

7. Start to feel sick 20 minutes into the run.

8. Walk the last 10 minutes home.

Lesson learned? It's not all plain sailing after graduation. :) #knackered

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I love how upbeat you are on 4 and a half hours sleep, a run not going quite to plan and and tech complication! I think we're all learning that the journey doesn't end on graduation! Get some well deserved rest and you'll be ready to go on your next run :)


No it's not so take care! Just go steady now, it's a critical point in your running, and if you try and do too much too soon you could end up injured, so take things very gradually.

Oooh ruddy dogs, I know what you mean. I look after a dog that pees for England and always seems to save it for 2.30 am for some reason. Ha ha, they think we need the exercise. Gawd love em!

So, Garmin F10 ey! How marvellous! What colour d'yer get? I have a pink un. It finds the signal quicker if you stand still. If you are walking it can take forever.

The auto pause is a good feature as it stops when you do, for pedestrian crossings etc. I use the virtual pacer feature as well but I don't think you'll need that at this stage.

Loads of us are over on Garmin Connect, the place you go to download your run stats. You can hook up with your C25k posse over there. More wasting of your time! Ha ha

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Yes, the pooch certainly times it well; and to make it worse he's flat out on the bed fast asleep when I get back! Luckily I'm a morning person and can keep going until I flake out at about 10pm. It just so happens we had a late night last night watching a film and then the Great British Sewing Bee final :)

I have the pink Garmin - I have yet to explore Garmin Connect :)


It's the purple garmin that gets the signal quicker ;) you can also use it to set intervals


Ooooh I watched the Sewing Bee final. Not seen any of it until then. I actually saw Patrick in the FLESH the other weekend, and have photos! He looks younger in real life. He had a beard and his hair was longer and less coiffed. Ha ha. He was very busy at Eroica Britannia and he cycled in the Man of Steel competition. Not just a pretty face!

When I care for my neighbour's hound he wears me out and I begin to flag around tea time but have to keep going. His last walk is about 11.30 pm ish. He still gets me up at stupid o'clock though!

You upload your runs/walks/cycles etc to Garmin Connect using Garmin Express software and it comes up with marvellous stats and shows your hills and all sorts of data you didn't know you could ever live without. You get trophies for your PB's now. Oh yes you do! And you thought you wasted enough time on here .......

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If you're running from nearby, put the Garmin in a windowsill and searching for satellites while you get your running gear on.


Yes, I do this, and if it has lost the satellite by the time I'm dressed it will find it again quickly. Plus, it seems to "learn" where you are and will find it faster next time.


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