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Still Going

It's been over a month since I lasted posted, but I am reporting that I have on this occasion kept going. Most weeks I manage three runs, and most of those are for 30 minutes - it depends on how early the first meeting ends up being those days. I'm not an afternoon runner at all. By the time lunchtime comes, I'm too heavy to move more than a speedy walk.

I'm back with Laura this week though. I tried the Speed and Stamina thing for a couple of weeks only to discover I have no speed and no stamina. The rates they were suggesting were well beyond where I am at the moment, although I can see lighter days ahead when the body mass is not such of a hindrance.

The switch in programme did me good though, as I'm quite clearly faster than I've been this week, and travelling much further. You never know by the end of the summer I may even actually reach 5K.

So three stone lighter than last summer, I'm heading off on holiday with my running gear. If I get a chance and find a route that works, I'll get out a couple of times. There is however a pool, so if all else fails I'll be hogging the pool for half an hour every day.

I've got five stone to go, but after a frustrating couple of weeks I can see the scales moving again and feel more positive about keeping going. I still have goals and making it to 5K is one. I've been signed up of a park run for years, but as the local park run is my evening walk I'm more than aware how hilly it is. People laugh when I say that because they know my regular running route and think that I'm more than capable for the hills. The difference is my regular route is ups with equivalent downs. The park run is all downhill, before one very long climb back up.

But these are just excuses. Post holiday, maybe I will be brave.

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Oh do be brave! You wouldn't believe what you can do 😊 Well done on your brilliant weight loss so far. Walking is brill for it, I can't believe how much lard I shifted once getting more mobile having borrowed a dog, and combining it with weightwatchers and then starting running once I had lost over 3 stones 7 ish. I lost another stone after that and am still running ☺ You just have to stick with the program, be dogged, and you'll achieve your goals. It does seem slow at times but stick with it. I love my fitter, slimmer life now and have maintained for six years in November. It's well worth the effort 😊

Swimming is fab so I hope you can get in the pool and sea. Walking in water is good exercise as well. Great for the legs

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