Unfortunately I think I may have to hang up my laces :-(

Have an appointment with a private physio this afternoon but after almost 1 week's rest I am still unable to put weight on my knee :-( I hope I haven't done too much damage as i'm supposed to be going to Wales in a couple of weeks & the plan was to do a lot of walking. Will find out this afternoon I guess, fingers crossed.


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21 Replies

  • Fingers crossed for you! See what the physio says - this need not be the end.

  • Thank you, I do hope not as I really enjoyed it

  • My goodness, that's what is called catastrophising! It does seem legitimate to be a bit worried about your holiday plans being disrupted, and of course it is disappointing any time you're not able to maintain momentum with the programme.

    You need more information before having even the first thought about what happens next in terms of running (except insofar as if you can't put weight on it, you are not able to run right now) So it is great that you are seeing a physio and you can take it from there. I've a running friend who had knee surgery but is now back to running marathons.

  • then I guess i'm just a drama queen!

  • That's OK... some people need to say the worse thing out loud to get rid of it (just another sort of gremlin really) before they can think more realistically, happens here all the time.

    Good luck today!

  • It's more a case of my 2 attempts at week one & hurting myself twice, is it really worth it?

  • you were right, I was being a bit negative

  • Oh gosh yes! You'd be amazed at what your body can do Holly so don't write yourself off. We won't let you off the hook that easily.

    Your physio might want you to see a GP but you won't know til you've seen him/her.

    It's painful I expect as it's inflamed. Ice is your friend so get your freezer stocked up with the stuff. Rest with your leg iced and elevated as much as poss. It really does help

    Let us know how you get on

  • I hope you don't have to stop running I had an knee injury last year and I thought it would never heal but it did eventually after about six months (I'm sure you knee won't take that long). Let us know what the physio has to say - always looking for any hints, tips, clues on how to keep the knees injury free....

  • ok, so physio was positive, slightly inflamed Achilles in both legs, tight hamstring in offending leg and inflammation around the joint line of the knee.

    She did a lot of stretching & some ultra sound which has helped & i'm to use anti inflammatory gel & ice packs for the next week until my next visit.

    The culprit? My shoes!!

    Immediately she said my arches need more support & the neutral shoes I had been told were best when I had my gait analysed aren't right for me. I'm, taking them with me next time as she said they should be able to add inserts to make them ok.

    It's back to walking for a while once the pain is gone.

  • Hi Holly

    This all sounds very positive ! You have been diagnosed so you know what youre up against and sounds like you will have a resolution too.

    Take it easy for the time being, but sounds to me like you certainly wont have to hang up your runners forever ! :-) xxx

  • Good luck! Hopefully with some rest and treatment you'll get back to it, even if you have to start over. (wrote that before I saw your physio feedback!)

  • yep, i'll definitely have to start over. Bit annoyed with Sweatshop though, I ran with aches & pains thinking it's just general muscle ache as I have the correct shoes etc & it turns out they they are completely wrong!

    My advise is - if you have soreness after gait analysis then make sure you get analysed again!

  • Hmmm, that's quite interesting Holly as I was told the same thing - that the neutral shoes recommended after gait analysis weren't supportive enough. My physio advised supports in my trainers too which I bought from Amazon but it's a bit worrying that people could be getting the wrong type of shoe.

    Anyway, good luck with the knee.

  • Thank you, it is worrying. Especially as it can so easily lead to an injury as off you go, all confident in your new shoes & wham your now in pain.

  • Was it Sweatshop you went to for your gait analysis as well?

  • No Holly, it was a local independent. Shop.

  • It doesn't matter how badly you injured yourselfyou; you don't have to hung up your laced. It's just a matter of therapy and time before you can hit the street again. ;)

  • yea, as Arnie would say, i'll be back :-) I think i'll do a fair bit of walking first though to build up. My plan is to do the program but instead of running do a very fast power walk instead to get myself a bit fitter before I start.

    Hopefully, I won't be out of action for too much longer

  • The idea of getting a bit fitter before starting is not a bad one but doing the programme twice (first walking, then running) can be a bit boring and you might struggle to keep the motivation.

    I'd suggest to keep the walking "pre-conditioning" more "informal"; simply forget you have a car and walk everywhere you go and insert a couple of long "leisure hikes" during the weekends.

  • I do this already but think I need more of a brisk walk program as I can't brisk walk for the whole time as yet

    I think your right with repeating the program twice though, I'd like to save it for the running

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