Advice from morning runners who love coffee?

I've never ever ever exercised first thing in the morning, always have left it until the evening, but would love to change my ways. My question is, if you are someone who needs their morning dose of caffeine to make it through the day, do you have your coffee and then run, or run then coffee? And if you've tried it both ways, which do you prefer and why?



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13 Replies

  • Water before run, coffee afterwards.

    I don't know why, I just seem to feel better that way round, presumably due to better hydration?

  • I'm only on week 5 and go at whatever time of day my job allows but I always have a coffee before an early morning run. I have a wonderful partner and he brings me a mug in bed every morning don't think I would get up at all if he didn't!

  • So far (start w8 tomorrow) I've done all my running in the morning - generally after my husband has left for work and on all but one day after a mug of strong black coffee and 2 glasses of water (I have the coffee first thing and the water about half an hour later / an hour before I go). The exception was on Friday when I had tea not coffee and no food, it was a good run, but all the others have been good runs too and I there were other variables so I can't say whether it was to do with the coffee or not!! (sorry, not helping...)

  • The last run I did early in the morning was yesterday and I just got out of bed, dressed and went out the door, no coffee, no water, no food.

    It was the first time I have done it that way as I normally would have had a small bowl of bran and a cuppa (decaf tea) and hour and half before running.

    I was quite pleased I could do a reasonable (for me) paced 5K on empty tanks 😀

  • Need coffee and my banana before I can do mornings. Tried nothing but glass of water once and it was awful, I felt so faint and dizzy throughout. Generally prefer evening runs though for this reason

  • I like to run on empty, so it's a glass of water before I go out the door and coffee when I'm back home.

  • I prefer the morning for running anyway. I have to have a cup of tea before I do anything.

  • coffee run and then a celebratory coffee!

  • This might be my favourite suggestion!

  • I don't like running early mornings at all, but on the few occasions I've done it it's been coffee & a slice of plain toast, then run, then a bit more breakfast. Can't function without my coffee!

  • Cannot. Do. Without. Coffee. :D

  • I RACE on coffee! Coffee is a stimulant so the idea it gives your running a boost. I drink an espresso before the start. I picked up the tip from Mo Farrah who says he drinks one espresso, immediately followed by another one

    The thing is though to be well hydrated at all times, so be sure to drink plenty all the time. Not talking alcohol here obviously. LOL I love coffee but don't drink too much of it. It's a treat

  • I stick by rule of only water for the first 45 minutes of the day, so I dress quickly and get the run done then knock back the biggest coffee before showering, priorities and all of that!

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