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Wk 9 IC blues

So I've started Week 9! I've been taking a couple of rest days in between now. Since the first run in week 9, I've had a niggle in my left knee! I was meant to run this morning but I chickened out as I can still feel it's not right, I know in my head that I should go to the doctor and rest but it's so frustrating thinking there are just 2 more runs to go before graduating! Help me feel positive people! 😩

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Rest is the best thing to do. Other things I have tried are doing strength and flex exercises on rest days to prevent knee issues. I also find doing as much running on soft ground - grass, mud tracks, even gravel tracks is better than running on hard ground especially when increasing distances or speed. Hope you get better soon

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Quite agree with JulieB1 about the difference with different surfaces - I have long standing knee problems (arthritis) and I find they are pretty ok when I run on trails or the harder bits of path in the park even, but I'm much more aware of them after I've run on pavements like this morning. Buuuuut, if this is new niggling I'd be inclined to get it checked none the less, it's not worth making it worse. I've not yet started the strength and flex exercises but lots of people say they are useful. Good luck.


Hmmm not the most convenient of times to start aching but these things happen. I had a knee problem into C25k and I stopped running. However, I found it ached when I didn't run, so after a rest decided to see if I could run it off, and I did.

We have to give our running legs time to get used to the exertions of C25k. It's new to our bodies, which aren't used to it, so it's hardly surprising we get ankle and knee niggles.

You could take a few days off and then go and try the next run and see how you get on. In the meantime you can ice and elevate as much as possible. I think ice is great and keep some in the freezer for times like these.

I hope your knee is just niggling and that nothing serious arises from it. Good luck. Let us know how it goes


If your body dictates rest, you are wise to listen to it. You know now that you can do the distance so don't fret, graduation is out there just waiting for you to be ready.

Running is for life - this is just a blip!


Don't do what I did and ignore the warnings. Now I've got tendonitis in my knee and it hurts to hobble to the kitchen.


Yes I agree, frustrating as it is , please have a coupla days rest and see how it is . Best a few days off at this stage than weeks off after graduation .

Could be just one of those niggly pains that sort itself out after a rest xxx


Thanks my fellow health unlockers I feel a bit more positive. I'm going to find a nice playing field for a couple of days time! In the mean time I'll wrap up warm on the IC and a enjoy a rest 🌧☂⛄️ bloody cold in the south west today!


I just did my graduation run around a cricket field. I find grass is harder to run on but so much kinder to ankles, knees and hips. Definitely get into stretching and strengthening exercises for your legs. There's a clam shell stretch for your glutes and squats are good as well.


Ahh I feel your pain (almost literally) - I ran w8r3 yesterday and hurt my foot, no idea what I did, I just suddenly got a sharp pain underneath it, there's no swelling or bruising but it's unbearably painful when I put weight on it so it's definitely not fit to run on but so disappointed not to be able to crack on with week 9 yet. Like the wise ones say, it's not worth it, but it's might annoying in this last week!!

Ps Whereabouts are you in the SW?


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