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IC is getting boring!!

Grrrrrrr!!! Few weeks back my hip / thigh started to niggle but I kept running. These last 9 days I've been on the IC....assuming rest would do the trick. I think it's hip flexor that's troubling me. I tried a run tonight but 5 mins and I stopped. I've been using Ice when I can, gel, even foam rollering (not the easiest in that area ha!) miffed! Any ideas folks? Should I be stretching and doing stuff or total rest? Am doing rest mostly. Thanks all :)

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I would recommend a visit to a sports massage therapist or physio, but you'll have to pay for the first and either wait a long time for the second, or, again, pay.

I have had a number of different injuries and always been helped by my sports massage therapist and, btw, she has never told me to rest. She's said not to run, but keep doing other things.

The trouble is, we are all so impatient to get back out there, it feels interminable taking time off. I've had to take 3 months out twice!! And one of those times was for a hip injury. After the initial pain subsided I was able to power walk, swim and cycle which wasn't the same as running but at least I was doing something and maintaining some level of fitness (and not going completely bonkers). And remaining active didn't aggravate the injury.

Good luck NS.


Thanks for your advice! Feels like forever but I know it's not. Interesting that rest is not necessarily needed and was thinking of cycling. You come so far and then boom ! I also know a good sports masseur but tbh don't fancy the pain! Onwards.....


Yes, I know what you mean, it is agony at times! What is it they say about no pain, no gain?........

I was leaving my sports massage therapist's house and bumped into her next client and it was his first time. He asked me what it was like and I thought "mate, you have no idea".

But, I've never left a session without some kind of relief ( and a few bruises)!


Oh poor you. Didn't realise you were still suffering. Why not pm poppypug? She's our resident hip expert and I'm sure she won't mind sharing her physio's advice. Hope you're feeling better soon :)


Thanks! And as if by magic PP appears with her words of wisdom!


Hi Northern,

Yes I can completely sympathise with you, flippin' hips !

I went to the docs first in January this year as I would run, get pain, rest , run , get pain and so on and on , and he sent me for an XRay to rule out any stress fractures. The results were normal so I then went to a sports physio privately as I didn't know how long I would be waiting to see an NHS one.

I was diagnosed with Hip Bursitis , and told to do no running at all for 2 weeks . It is a quite common injury with women due to the way our pelvis is shaped. It can be caused by overstraining ( I was training for the GMR and had upped my runs to 4 a week) over use and weak muscle groups , ie glutes, quads and also a tight ITB.

I had a massage which was soo painful that I cried , but it did certainly help. Definitely a means to an end. My physio said no running , but you can cycle or swin just to keep your fitness levels up. He also suggested the following exercises. Clam, The Bridge , Lunges, Squats and Single Leg Squats , 10 on each side once a day. You should be able to find those on the internet.

I went back for another massage, which again had me biting chunks out of the bed frame and said that I could do only very short, slow , non hilly runs and if it started hurting I should stop.

My first pain free run was brilliant, it felt great to be out again. Of course , I went out again and went further and further and before I knew it , I had the problem with my other hip.

I have taught myself a very valuable lesson , that if I go mad and don't listen to my body , I am going to get injured again. I did 3/4 of the GMR pain free which I am really pleased about but I seized up after big time !

I would highly recommend you seeing a physio, especially if you know one , that's even better !

Good Luck and if its any consolation , there are a few on here that have had the same trouble and gone on to do HMs and Marathons so all is not lost . Keep your chin up , you will get through this ! :-) xxx


Thanks Poppy :) similar scenario in that I never felt anything until I graduated and started upping my times and aiming to run every other day. I think that might have been overdoing it and hence something had to scream! I don't think it's what you have, it's at the front of the very top of the thigh where literally where you bend / lift the leg. I'm doing a few days of stretches now like you say, and see how I go. Sounds like you've been through the mill but still came out fighting so I'm full of hope! Arrgghhhhhhh....if only our bodies would comply!!

:) :)


Glad to help xxx

Hope you feel better soon, very frustrating , I know :-)

I am looking to improve my general overall strength. Ive got a Jillian Michaels DVD that I need to get stuck into again :-)

You will get through this, hang on in there ! :-) xxx


I will....running is for life not just for C25K !! Thanks Pop :)


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