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Over The Hump - Week 4 Run 2

My first post seems to have disappeared. Apologies if you are reading this for a second time.

Although I know that I have harder runs ahead of me I have passed the half way stage in the programme. I wonder how long it takes before getting out early in the morning to run three times a week to become a habit? A good habit.

Today's run was fine and legs and lungs did ok even on the last five minute run which was uphill. Not the most graceful or fast run, but it was running.

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Sorry NIGHTINGALE1 but the half way mark is actually next week - you've done 11 runs and there are 27 in total. It's a common mistake when people hear week 4, but you haven't actually completed it yet so you're really only at 3 1/2!

Hope I'm not too demotivating! Brilliant for getting up early to run! In no time you'll be on W9.


I feel it will come... I started C25K last October, graduating just before Christmas. I always ran early in the morning, and at first, getting into the routine/pattern was hard, especially on the wet, and then windy, and then chillier mornings! Plus, the challenge of the programme too:)

But, it did very quickly become a good and enjoyable routine, I loved getting out there before the world was awake and the amazing feeling after the run was complete. I still run three times a week and for me, mostly before 8 a.m. I think, having always been an early morning person, and an early riser, when I worked, it maybe was natural and comfortable.

If you are able to get into this habit, it is a good one, but it does not suit all of us.

My advice at this stage, is to, if you want to get into the habit, set all your gear out the evening before, make sure your routine for going out, is practised and relaxed, then try for leaving at the same time each run day, then, as ever, slow, steady:)

You will get there, and as the idea is that this should be an enjoyable journey, be ready to continue your running and move on to the next stage of the journey after Graduation!:)

Keep us posted?? :)


Just take your time and enjoy the programme. This really is a golden time so savour every minute of it. There will be niggles and disappointments, that's life, but the programme is solid and will deliver you to running regularly beyond week 9.

Take each run as it comes though. You still have to finish the job. Take it very steadily. Slow and carefully would be my advice

Good luck!

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Well done for your progress.

You are already establishing a new habit, but it will always take a bit of discipline to get out there. It does get to a stage that you really miss it if you can't go though.


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