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Just a thought

After 11 weeks of park run I do believe I am improving . Even my weekly run turns into 5k or more, every Monday I run home after a yoga class . And I think I'll just run down the main road home half way down I think actually I'll just go up this road, then find before I know it I've managed 5k I tend to think of different things along my route and admire the beautiful mansions along one of the private road areas, crossing over the motorway leaving that peaceful quiet behind I'm reminded that I do live in a busy place , but just meander off the main roads and a whole new experience of being by myself and enjoying every minute of it. Not quite 5k so an extra lap around the block gives me that 5k just a thought really I took it all for granted before taking on c25k . A friend has just completed her wk 9 so is impatient to do the park run so I will have some company soon on a Saturday morning

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Great to be keeping up with the running and will be lovely to go with your friend now. Now I get to g near the end I am reading all the posts about running post graduation to see what it's like. ☺👟👟


I've never tried running whilst carrying anything more than a phone and keys. If you run home from yoga how do you transport your gear? Do you have a yoga mat with you too?


No I leave it in the locker and pick it up later when we go to a gym class. I don't usually take water when I run unless it's extra hot then I use the hand bottle , I use a hip band for my phone that has 4 pockets I fit a pack of tissues in one park run card in another small head phones, and will take a car key . Don't even know it's there so comfortable.

The less you carry the better it is .


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