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I've been a bit sporadic with the running for the past few weeks, but I ran yesterday and was most displeased to find that the gremlins don't leave you alone after you graduate. It's easier to fight them, though - they can't make you seriously question your ability to run for 30 minutes because you know you can! I ran for 25 minutes and had to stop because my ankle started hurting (I'd been limping a few days earlier because I couldn't put weight on it), but I'm happy with it.

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So, so similar here!

Last few weeks have seen 2 runs rather than 3 and a seriously wobbly 'do I want to keep doing this'.

Gremlins just seem to love lurking but could be seen as quite loyal- they are very loathed to leave me!!

You're right though, they are soon hushed once out there in the motions. I went on my shortest run since graduation last right- just 2 miles- but better than no run and hopefully will keep the pesky blighters off the case for a while!

Hope your ankle starts to feel better soon xx


Same here, 2 runs and only 20-25 minutes each. But as you say, better than no run!

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Pesky blighters! But you certainly showed them.. well done you x

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I don't think the gremlins ever go away - and they always find your weak spot with unerring precision. If you haven't been running much you will have lost your fitness. If you've got a niggle then the gremlins will tell you you're heading for the IC. If you run slower than last time then you're getting worse, if you improve you're overdoing it. If you stop and walk you've lost your stamina and might as well give up immediately. Etc., etc. They're creative so-and-sos!


Yes! I've been running 2x a week instead of 3, and for 20-25 minutes instead of 30 or more, and they've convinced me I can't run 30 minutes anymore. I'm staying active by lifting weights twice a week, but noooo all they seem to care about is that I'm not running as much - never mind that I have valid reasons for why not!


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