Introducing the New Graduate10 Badge

I know we all like our badges on here because they are special to us and we work hard to achieve them.  So with that in mind we now have a Graduate10 badge that can go after your name.  If you have achieved a 10km please feel free to put your name down under this post and over the weekend I will work to catch up with all the names and apply the badge.

If your not there yet don't worry you have all the time you need and when you are ready your badge will be waiting for you.  Shining and ready to go after your name.  

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  • Oooh yes please , I did an official timed 10k at the GMR last year .

    Great idea RFC , thank you for this ! :-) xxx

  • Oh its here already ! Thankyou so much ! :-) xxx

  • Hi Realfoodieclub. I hope you are well. I have just the one 10k under my belt, but would love a badge to show for it. Aiming for a second one some point soon hopefully :)

  • Thanks Realfoodieclub 😊

  • Me please... :-) what about a HM and FM badges as well ???

    I know that distance is of no importance to some folk, but being able to fire a questions at someone who has achieved a certain distance may be useful..

  • Mmmmm that's something to think about.  You can only have one badge up at a time, hence the fact I can't have a badge as I have the adminstrator badge.  I wouldn't do FM badges as that would be stepping on Juicyju toes with her forum.  Let me have word with Healthunlocked and see what they think as well.  

  • Well I presume that the badge would show the longest race distance that someone has achieved...Graduate10K -> GraduateHM -> etc

  • Me too please :) Great idea!

  • I always love a badge and I have done 10k a few times now.  Thanks for the encouragement and hope it will be a good incentive for those who are working towards a 10k!

  • Currently at 8k, give me something to look forward to :)

  • I only  done one 10k trail race, but I did do some race in Brighton last weekend 

  • Hehe,  I think you have managed it 😀. 

  • Thanks 

  • Ooo yes please!

  • Oo. Yes please Rfc! I run my 10k most weekends. Many thanks🙂

  • Ooh yes please (time I did another one, it is a whole year since I did my two 10Ks)

  • Yes please! And I'll write up the report for my very 1st road race I did last Sunday :-)

    Thank you


  • Oooooo yes please!!! 😀

  • Oh heck... why did you have to post this...? I was quite happy to tootle along at about 7 K..but the idea of a sparkly!!!! I love sparklies! :) 

    Going to have to get myself into gear... slow and steady...but a sparkly 10.... WOW!

  • Hehe, , slowly now, it will be shined up and waiting for you. 

  • Whew☺

  • ... and someone has already asked about half-marathons and marathons badge; enough sparklies to keep compulsive collectors busy for the next few years. 😁

  • 😏 Love sparklies..polishing my running shoes as I post !

  • Fabulous idea RFC, something for me to plan for as I sit on the IC nursing my asthma *yet again*. Definitely want something to look forward to achieving.

  • Poor you🙂 Big hug...x

  • Yes please. I love shiny badges. I've done a few official 10ks, virtual ones and lots of 10ks just because (12.5 this afternoon). Same with HMs.

  • Oh goodie a new badge. Almost as good as a medal. Please may I have a badge.  X x  Andy

  • Ooh, I'm getting greedy now. I did one 10k last week - knackered me and was probably far too early, but I did it, and non-stop! Can I have a badge? And then I promise to consolidate and get to a position where I can run 10k comfortably!😈

  • Oooh please please may I have a badge please , did my 1st 10k earlier this year 😊

  • Ooh cool.  I'll take one RFC, I've run a few.  Need to build my way back up there again though, can you make mine flash back and forth from 5 to 10? ;)

  • oooh lovely jubbly. May I have one please RFC as I've done quite a few 10k races now

    Ta ever so x

  • What's this about badges then? Ooh the only reason I ran some races last year was to get the bling! Could I have one too please RFC? I've done loads of 10K's. It might be a while before I can do one again but I'm working on it........

  • Funny how the idea of something shiny spurs me on!

    Am getting out of bed right now and off to Killerton Parkrun :-)

  • Yes please. Unplanned 10k 17th April, after completing c25k 31st March ☺

  • Me me me! I want one please RFC XXX

  • Ooh yes please can I have one? Done a few 10k races and try to keep up the distance during my normal running. Thanks. 

  • Yes pl -did an official 10k last September plus others as part of my weekly runs.  

  • Everyone loves a badge!!  Although I haven't run an Official 10k race I do run one most Mondays.  Does that qualify?

  • I want a badge, i want a badge, i want a badge (please) :D

  • Regularly running 10km, and in races too. I posted on C25K forum about my 'Downton Abbey' Highclere 10km race last September. Next race is the Chieveley Chase in 3 weeks.

  • Hi, not ran an race 10k, but have covered that distance - Can I have one please :)

  • Awesome! Yes please- I've done 10k twice now :-D

  • Ooh ooh ooh me please!  I've done a few unofficially (well, Garmin said so :) ) but with a bit of luck I still just might get my first official one next weekend, fingers, toes and eyes crossed!

    Thanks, Rfc - great idea :)

  • Do you want to wait?  Garmin is not always 100%.  Up to you.   

  • No, I'll go for it now, please, Rfc, because all my phone apps clock longer distances.  I go for the Garmin distances as being more accurate because I think they are, but Strava, Asics any my iPhone health thingy all come in a good .5km over Garmin.

    So new badge, please :)

  • me please :)

  • Yes please, did my first 10k last week 😀

  • Yes, please - I've done a few (Woodland woggle; Brooks 10k; Mo-run; Greenwich 10k, plus a local run Crawley K2 10k all of which are officially timed)

  • Can I have a badge too please? I've not done a 10k race but I've run it in training and my HM certainly exceeded it.

  • mm yes please

  • Well that's done it!!! I'm defo going to crack this 10k to get me a new badge.  I'll be back in touch 😜 

  • Looking forward to hearing from you.  

  • Yes please could I have one I have quite a few 10ks now :-)

  • Loving my new badge thank you

  • Running 10k 3x week at the mo and I would love a sparkly new badge, also a new fridge if you have one.

  • Yes please! Done 12 x 10km now.

  • Yes please RFC! :) i have done 5 x 10k races i think :)

  • Hi rfc. Did the London Winter Run. Does that count? xx

  • Of course it does.  It was a great day wasn't it, I wish I could of stayed a chatted longer.  

  • But it only measured 9.98 on my Garmin 😉 Hope we can all meet again next year. 

  • I started mine just before the start.  I've started doing that because you start running as soon as you can and it helps with the little quirks if it's slightly measured wrong.  So it was definitely 10km as you were penned in for around 0.3km at the start.  I will be there next year if not running just visiting with cake. 

  • I did 10k for the first time on Sunday 17th, it took 75 minutes and almost killed me but I did it. :) 

    I would love a badge to encourage me onwards until I can run 10k without feeling like I need a long lie down..

  • Hi, I did my first official 10k at the Lincoln Run For All 10k on the 17th April. Looking forward to doing many more.  Could I have a nice shiny badge please.

  • Hi all. I did C25K back in 2014 and then added a km per week to get to 10k.  I then stopped running pretty much but have recently decided to take it up again with a view to doing the St Albans half marathon in June.  So last week I did 6k to check I could still run at all and then did a 10k at the weekend as my 1st 'long slow run' of the campaign.  So do qualify for a badge?

  • I did it! I did it! My first 10(.51)k! 😄

  • Just seen this. Can you add me please. I've done a few 10K races. The most recent was the Saltwell 10K just before Christmas (but I've been on the injury couch since January...)

  • Ooo! A new badge! Can I have one please?  We ran the same 10K in January.........

  • Great Day wasn't it.  Who Minds a bit of rain when your having fun. 

  • Blistersister78 

  • Yes please I've done a couple of 10km half marathon and I'm completing the brum 10k today hopefully.  Yes please 

  • Hi Realfoodieclub

      Would love to have a 10K badge. 

    Keep up the good work, your brilliant. 

    Thanks Drakeybar (John Drake)

  • Hi I completed C25k in 2014 and completed 10k a few times later that same year, finishing the Wirral 10km in 1:21:48. Then I seemed to stop run and the most I have done without a walk break since is 4km. 

    Does this mean I still get my shiny new badge please? Or do I have to wait until I am back up to 10km? 

    Happy running 👟 

  • The 10km is badge is for anyone who has done it.  So your more than welcome to it.  Some people have asked me to hold off as incentive to get back up to the distance but it is yours if you want it, 

  • I completed 10k on Saturday and would love a badge!!  Many thanks, without a doubt this site and the c25k one is significant in my achievement!

  • Hello RFC :)

    I only graduated c25k about 4 weeks ago but I did plod my way to 10k in 1:14:43 last night :) Posted my 'proof' in the c25k forum. Please may I have a badge?

  • thank you Realfoodieclub x

  • Yes. Can I have mine please?


  • I have now done 3 x 10k races, tatton yule yomp, Mad Dog, and Liverpool Spring 10k last weekend, not been on line much recently and only just found this thread. Furthest I've run so far is 9 miles, hopefully heading towards half marathon soon.

  • please could i have a badge ? ran the beaverbrooks 10k at blackpool today !

  • I have just sent an email about my change of user name and would my badge just be transferred across.  Just seen the article on New Graduate 10 Badge.  I have completed two 10K's and was hoping I would get one.  I love a badge and I think you do a fantastic job.  This site really keeps me motivated, so thank you.  Can't tell you how much I enjoy my running and I am so grateful for the the encouragement I have received from everyone. xx

  • Please can I have mine now, Rfc - it is official and all!

  • Whoop whoop yay.

  • Yes please :) I completed the Loch Ness Baxters 10k race in Scotland last year

  • Did my first 10k today! My legs can act as witnesses!!

  • Just completed my third 10k last night, first 25 minutes all up hill so feel I have earnt my badge now.

  • Yes please RFC, done 5 10k's now including the London Winter Run in January where I met lots of lovely C25k'ers (including your good self) :)

  • Great day wasn't it. I was sorry I couldn't stay for longer, maybe next year.

  • Yes please! I did my first 10k earlier this year and I'm now working on increasing my distance even further.

  • Hiya, me please - completed my 2nd Bristol 10k today 😄🏃🎉

  • Hi. Done a few 10k runs in the last few weeks and today completed 10k race for life in Norwich... Completed in 1hr 15 mins happy happy. So what's next? Half marathon?

  • Yes please. I've completed 4 10ks now, with my first official 10k event done today. Hurray!

  • I should ask for a 10K badge too - have done two 10K races - Twilight Running Festival held at the University of Queensland - 2015 and 2016

  • Hi I completed my first 10k race for life yesterday in Norwich.... Can I have my 10k badge please .

  • Hi Realfoodieclub, I would like a badge please :)

  • Me Please :)

  • Ran my first 10k by completing the 10k RoughRunner obstacle course at Great Tew Park, Oxford on Sat 14th May. A few bruises and an extremely hilly course, but really happy with my achievement 😀

  • Ran my first 10k on Saturday 14th May by madly completing the 10k RoughRunner obstacle race at Great Tew Park, Oxford. A few bruises & rope burns & despite an extremely hilly course am still smiling today 😀

  • Hi I'm regularly running 10k now. Would love the badge!


  • Hiya RFC.

    Can I have a badge, please?

  • Could i have a badge please? I have run a few 10ks for exercise but I also ran the Ealing Eagles 10k on 8th May so feel it's official now!

  • Yes please, did the Wakefield 10k.

  • Just saw this. Yes please, ta, thank you muchly.

  • Can't quite believe it myself yet but could I have a badge please as I ran 10 K for the first time this morning.

  • Can't quite believe it! Please can I have a 10 badge please as I ran 10K this morning for the first time in my life!

  • Well done to you! I did my very first 10k yesterday and I still can't believe it!

  • Hi realfoodieclub

    I ran my first 10k yesterday (31May) and I am really over the moon - still can't believe it! I wasn't sure if just one 10k qualifies for a badge but if so then 'yes please' I would love one!

    Thanks again to you and all the other lovely folk on this forum (and couch to 5k) everyone has been so encouraging and supportive.

    Thank you very much

  • Please may I have a graduate 10 badge ? I completed my first 10k today, not an event just me plodding round the park.

  • I completed by 3rd 10K run last Friday. Much slower time than first and second but I made it, which I am delighted about. My first 10K was done in 1 hour 12 mins. My second was 1 hour 16 mins and my third was 1hr 20 mins.

    I would love a nice shiny badge to celebrate please.

  • Two practise 10Ks and a formal run at Maastrichts Mooiste last Sunday. Would love a new badge :-)



  • Hi there ... completed the Hunts 10k Charity Race yesterday in 1:09:31 ... first ever 10k!!! So chuffed after graduating from C25K in February ... please could I add this prestigious badge to my firstborn? :-)

  • Me please. Did my first official 10k run yesterday. I'm high as a kite 😊

  • Hi Realfoodieclub - I did 10k in a "Race for Life" today. I did walk some bits (although the great majority of it I did run) - would I be entitled to a badge?

  • Yes you are. I've assigned it to you.

  • Wahey - thank you! (grin)

  • Hi i did my 2nd 10k this morning so can i get a badge please.

    Thanks Steve

  • Oooh can I have the shiny new badge please, pretty please :)

  • Managed 10K on a training run at the weekend (no walking breaks!) - does this count for the badge, or should I wait until my race on 17th July?

  • May I please have a graduate 10 badge? I ran 10.3 km tonight my longest distance yet in 1hr 10 mins! Feeling good and a new badge would be the icing on the cake!

  • Hello RFC, I'm battling through a winter of running, but I have managed 4 10k runs in the past two months and one was even continuous! May I please have a badge?

  • Hey there Realfoodieclub . Can o have a badge please? Thanks X

  • Hi RFC

    Today I finally managed over 10km non stop for the first time since October 2014, so I would like to claim my shiny new badge please!

    Thank you 😺

  • Please could I have my badge as I did an official 10k last Friday. Thanks!

  • Yes please RFC, I done the GMR with Poppypug this year and the Chichester 10k in Feb. Thank you for doing this.

  • Hi

    I did a 10k in 68mns 18 secs on the 28th July 2016 timed by my Garmin watch!


  • Hello I did my first 10k race today, it's taken almost a year since graduating, but really enjoyed it. Have my second and hopefully less hilly booked for early October .....

  • Yes please to the 10 k badge. Completed last year.


  • I ran my first 10K on Saturday - badge would be lovely!

  • 10k is my favourite distance and I do one a week if I have time !! Some weeks it has to be just 5k s ! Please can I have the badge of honour !! :) My next aim is 10 miles !!

  • And me, please rfc! Done this morning - yeeha!

  • Please can I have a 10k badge, went out today needing to do 5 miles for plan I'm following, and managed just over 7 miles with encouragement from others! Thank you very much 🏃🏃🏃

  • Congratulations and well done

  • Thanks Rfc, that was mega quick 😀 Have a lovely weekend 🏃

  • Have done a number of 10ks now and hoping to progress to 10 miles in October....although not so convinced that I'll get there. Would love a 10k badge. Thanks.

  • Congratulations and Well done !

  • Thank you so much! Delighted!

  • Managed mine this morning

    Steady increase of 1k to longest run every week since graduating from c25k

    Going slowly but loving it

  • Congratulations and Well done !

  • Thank you

  • Hello! I'm not there yet but I have been training for a 10k for a while now. I am at about 7.5k in one go. 5 weeks left until the big day for me. Something else to keep me going and to aim for!

  • Sounds like your doing really well. Looking forward to giving you your badge when your ready.

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