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W9R1 - repeat and cracked it!

After Monday's disappointment I went out back to my normal route; the sun was shining, the birds were singing and the gremlins were silenced. Ran the 30 minutes and just about matched my Friday run on speed/km. Chatting to my husband as we walked the dog last night we worked out that it might be the 2 day weekend break in between that was the cause of the Monday blues, so he suggested I try a run on Sunday to see if that worked better for me.

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Congrats on w9r1 - only two more to go and then graduation!

In general I would still keep the two day break as you are ramping up the running quite a bit and it takes ligaments and bones etc. longer than muscles and cardio system to improve.

The second most common mistake (from what I read) is over-running during/after graduation. The first mistake is of course going too fast ;-).

I am not a doctor so please take this all with a pinch of salt. I am a hypocrite because I went straight from graduation to a 5K every other day (even if the 5K did take around 40 minutes) :-).

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Sometimes we all get a bad run - and there isn't always any clear reason. You just have to put them behind you and, as you have found, the next one is generally fine! It's all part of becoming a runner.

Not long to graduation now.


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