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No Times, No Distances

Last time that I did the c25k programme I became almost obsessed by my time, in the form of pace, and the distances covered. And the challenge was to go faster and further each time which just heaped pressure on myself. This time I am not taking any devices with me that can measure either. I am only taking Laura for company. Today I completed w2r2 and so far so good.

As well as the usual hedgerow birds I saw a cormorant on the canal and a couple of herons flying back to the heronry.

I was a little later than usual going out for my run and I passed a few people on the lane and we exchanged hellos and smiles. It is good to get up early in the morning.

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Very wise strategy, Nightingale. It's just about building up your stamina, not smashing personal bests.

Nice to get out and see a bit of wildlife on a run.

Unfortunately on the A34 this morning, all I saw was a decapitated rat and a dead pigeon. :(


Ah 90ldfinch nature red in claw and tooth.

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No.... horrid :(

It is great to get out early though...and take it steady as we go! :)

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Oh my goodness yes! Well done you.

I love the early mornings, always so much to see and take in..( Check out my rambling posts).. :)

You, Laura and the big wide world. Lucky you to see the herons too...I often guess the time from the regulars who fly over me, in the fields, whilst I am running... :)

Well done. I am looking forward to your next post!


I saw a Redpoll and Gold Finches galore on my Sunday run.


Congrats Nightingale. As a gadget geek I can't identify with anything you wrote, however, as a runner I envy your freedom :-).

I say this realising that now, when I run, there isn't a single thing on my body that isn't running-specific (toe socks, vibrams, running watch, iPod, running shorts and running top).

And yes, I absolutely do deserve to be referred to as "all the gear, no idea" :-).

I have started running through the beautiful Bradgate park and the last run involved about 40 deer and either a badger or a skunk that sat and watched me as I ran (as fast as a glacier) past about 2 foot away. The world, minus humanity's idiocy is so much more beautiful than we give it credit for.

No, seriously, well done Nightingale - nice story of personal growth and nature.


That's the way to do it. Running just for the pleasure of being able to!


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