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Feeling happy

After graduating a couple of weeks ago I haven't managed to get out and run very much.

I started a new job working 4 days which mixed with and getting home late and not eating properly. So the last time I went for a run was 9 days ago.

I was very tired, hungry and it was really hot. But made myself go. Big mistake.

So it didn't go well, I struggled and had to stop after 17 minutes. Felt really deflated and annoyed with myself.

But today I ran for 2.5 miles and I felt quite good, so looking forward to the next run.

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I wouldn't say it was a big mistake that you went when you ran for 17 minutes. It's totally understandable that you might find it difficult, we all have runs where it just doesn't go 100% right and I for one detest heat and humidity - it slows me down so much. But at least you got out and did something! :)


Hey, you ran for 17 minutes - could you have done that 6 weeks ago? And then another run for 2.5 miles?

All I am reading is a practical approach to real life with two great runs!


So what - you're out there running. Nothing magic about 5k or 30 minutes. The great thing about running is that you can fit it in to suit your life. Just get out there and enjoy the fact you can!


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