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The London marathon and Ben Smith (the 401 challenge) are the reasons I am following the Couch to 5K challenge.

I heard about Couch to 5K from one of the participants in the marathon and started thinking about running again (after a break of 25 years) but then heard Ben Smith interviewed on Radio 5. If you are over weight and wondering if you can do this track down his story - it will amaze you.

One thing he said that has stuck with me and helped me is 'that even when you think you can't run anymore, there is always a bit more you can do'. Now if a man facing 401 consecutive marathons can say that, I can push myself to run for 5 minutes, 10 minutes 20 and beyond.

Couch to 5K will get you to do what you can do without hurting yourself. Don't try too hard, trot, wobble and barely move but just keep going - don't stop as there is a rest coming up when you need it.

Check out Ben's challenge, he is likely to be somewhere near you during his mammoth challenge.

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Ben Smith is an incredibly inspiring person and quite a few of us on here are following his challenge. Some have even run with him! Always great to see him get another mention. If anyone's interested here's a link🙂


Heard him on radio 4. I started listening thinking he must be mad , and finished feeling really inspired 😊


He also inspired me to start running, and that's how I ended up here. Great guy.


Sadly he seems to have done too much and is now off injured ! Poor Ben....

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Oh no! Such a shame☹️! I do hope that he can get back to things soon. I had a back injury years ago which caused my back to go in to spasm and it was agony.


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