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Nhs knee exercises for runners-try them if you have twinges or newbie

Nursing iffy knee over last two runs (w6r1 last Wednesday) and it was a knowlegeable person on here who recommended the knee exercises on the nhs website which I have been doing since. They are superb and I think when I dare to try w6r2 ( possibly tomorrow-fingers and toes crossed!!) I will in corporate them just before the warm up run.

I know a few others have/or are having similar issues. I really had no concern about my knees at the beginning and would recommend that newbies may be add a few as well. I wish I had in those earlier weeks to boost my strength a little more.

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It all helps , glad they are working for you ☺


Brilliant.. fingers crossed for you!


Thank you for this post. I didn't realise they had these exercises on there and will certainly considering doing these as my knees aren't the greatest and any strengthening will be advantageous!


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