A 28 minute 5k

Hello everyone. In the last post I have mentioned that I started the Nike 5k plan. Today was the 4th week day 1. In the past 3 weeks, the mileage was pretty high around 40-50 kms per week. All the runs I have done were between 7.30 and 8.00. My best before the start of the plan was 30.27 and goal is 25.00. I was very worried looking at my past runs as its no way near my goal pace of 5.00. I decided to try where I am standing by pushing hard today and I am happy that I did. I did a PB of 28.40. I jus got to know the long slow runs do help :) 5 more weeks to go and I really hope I can hit 25.00.

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  • Well done. A sub 30 minute 5k is still the stuff of dreams for me!

  • brilliant, huge well done!!

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