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W7R2 - bit of a strange one today

It was a lot earlier start this morning from Monday and even though the wind couldn't make up its mind which direction it was going in, it felt like a bit of a slog today. I was ready to give up and walk at one point, but pushed past it and carried on. I picked up the pace a little when a car drove by me (couldn't let them see me staggering, could I?) and was so relieved when I was told to start my cool down walk!

Convinced I was a lot slower this morning, I didn't check the Runkeeper app until I got to work. Very pleasantly surprised to see I was actually faster than my Monday time and the distance was longer too. :)

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That pushing past it is the key I think. Sometimes I slow down so I am 'running' only slightly faster than I walk, but I prefer that much more than the times I have had to stop and walk.

Well done!

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Well done for getting it done -and a new Personal Best to boot!

If I encounter other people on foot when I'm running, I up my tempo too, if I'm approaching from behind.

I know that I shouldn't, and it's a bit pathetic, but I can't help it.

Unfortunately if they're coming towards me, they see me slowly lumbering towards them from a mile off. :)


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