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w6r1. I can't say you didn't tell me!

Finished W5 on Friday and it felt good. Then managed to renew my acquaintance with a back twinge on Saturday so rested (laundry, cleaning, housework and the day job aside!) until yesterday. The cold weather persuaded me into the gym so onto the treadmill it was (and no falling off this time!!). Man what a struggle. My legs felt leaden during the first 2 runs but I recalled your group wisdom "slow down but keep going" and "W6R1 is more difficult than W5R3". It has made me wonder about R2.....

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You'll be fine. Just keep plugging away. Don't think about it, just crack on one run at a time. Tick em off and move on.

Ever thought of running outside. It's more distracting and the time just flies by.


Well done for finishing the run, despite it being a toughie. You're right - the best manta is "slow down, but keep going".

I agree with Miss Wobble - running outside is such a distraction, that time and distance seem to move much faster.

You'll nail run 2! :)


I mix up running outside and in. If it's too cold I'll go to the gym or I'd just not go. The treadmill wasn't the problem!!


R2 is grand it is R1 that catches everybody out! :) Very well done.


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