Yay, W6R1 done! 😊

Well you were all right those of you who said this one was unexpectedly tough. For the first time my legs felt heavy and a bit sluggish during the first 5 minute run. Hard to believe after the 20 mins on Saturday which felt so comfortable but hey ho, I dug in and the rest was easier. I'm becoming more aware of my breathing and I conciously relax my shoulders and my hands because I realised I was clenching them. All the brilliant advice on here is pulling and pushing me on so thank you one and all. Can't wait for Thursday and R2!

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  • Well done! I struggled with R1 and 2 of W6 but have just done R3 and really enjoyed it. Good luck on Thursday with your next run.

  • Well done you too for passing W6. Is it me or are the weeks going by a lot faster? Roll on W9! Good luck with your upcoming runs. 😊

  • Well done , Week 6 can be tricky after the euphoria of W5 R3, but you dug deep and you did it !

    Fab stuff ! :-) xxx

  • Well done. I noticed I have a tendency to clench my hands when I'm trying to persevere if it gets tough or I'm near the end! Consciously trying to think about that and not hunching shoulders. I think the fact that you're not constantly thinking will I have enough breath or will my legs make it make you more conscious of the rest of your body. I was most impressed when I realised I had actually had a mini day dream like ooh what shall we have for tea and solving days logistics whilst I was running! Good luck with Thursday

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