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Graduation setback :(

I was planning to have my graduation yesterday but got struck down with a tummy bug. I was less than pleased. After not eating for two days, I was feeling much better by yesterday so I'm going to try and pop out tonight for W9R2. Then all going well, it'll be graduation run on Friday.

If you've read some of my posts, you'll know I'm a targets and PBs (no matter how small!) kinda gal so I'm most miffed that now my 40minute(ish) 5K I was planning to do for my grad run is a bit further out of reach. It might just have to be a 30 minuter. I'm still hugely thrilled to have got this far at all!

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You've done so well, don't beat yourself up! Graduation will be yours very soon.

Elsie xxx


So close I can almost taste it!!


Just a minor blip , don't sweat on it, the slight delay will just make it even more special ☺

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Aw that's a shame Hannah, but not to worry theres lots and lots more running adventures just for you :-)

Hope it goes well tonight and heres hoping you feel better xxx


Bugs are a real pain in the butt! Don't overdo it tonight and good luck for your Graduation run on Friday. I'm hoping to do mine then as well. Fingers crossed for both of us X


Good luck for tonight and be gentle on yourself - tummy bugs can make you feel very wobbly if you try and run too soon after one, especially if you've not eaten for a while. Make sure you rehydrate rehydrate, etc etc, nag nag!


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