Colour Run... Run, Walk or Crawl... all good fun!! :-)

Colour Run... Run, Walk or Crawl... all good fun!! :-)

Today it didn't matter if you could run or not, it was about supporting a great local charity.

Huge turnout for the St.Margaret's Hospice colour run in Somerset with getting on 1500 participants. Having done this event before I decided t skip the "paint party" at the end and thus why I look relatively clean :-)

PS - I'm so sad... I logged the distance on my Garmin... well miles are miles!!

Happy running :-)

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  • Looks fab!

  • Brilliant Andy ! You're looking like a little ray of sunshine there :-)

    Well done !!!

    And is it true that the powder stuff gets everywhere ? ;-) xxx

  • Well done!! Looks brilliant fun.. looking good !

  • Yes, the powder gets to places that I couldn't even mention on this family friendly site ๐Ÿ˜†

  • Ha ha , Oooh - errr Matron ! :-) xxx

  • Nice one, Andy.

  • Looks great fun Andy, but as a contact lens wearer (!) think I would have skipped the paint party too! ...and yep, of course you were right to take your Garmin!

  • I'm doing the one in Manchester in July!

  • That looks like fun! Yes, of course you took your Garmin, anybody would, just make sure to keep it covered!

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