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Am I expecting too much, too soon?

I was looking forward to my run last night, my second run on B210K. I went out there, I did it, I wanted to stop halfway around, but I managed to keep going, although I think it was more of a shuffle than a run at some points :p

Once again, my calves are feeling rough again today, climbing stairs is an interesting event, coming back down them even more so!!

Have I exceeded my capabilities? Should i go back to 5K running, rather than trying 10K? I am so torn at the moment. Maybe I'll intersperse the B210K with a 5K and Interval training.

Sorry, waffling a bit. The brain wants to keep going but the body is saying NOOOOOO!!

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Just ease back a little, I would say. Listen to your body. Have you tried calf guards or compression socks? Ice after a run always helps too. Good luck.


I am also doing B210k, but interspacing it with 2 other runs, one about 6km and and the speed podcast. That helps I think.

Off to do my b210k run soon when the rain goes off. I am enjoying the longer runs though, but don't want to do that all the time.


I don't know what the B210k involves but maybe you should take it slower if your body says no. I'm trying to get to 10k by doing the Speed and Stamina podcasts once a week and then a longer run. The longer run is only gradually increasing each week and my legs are telling me how much to push it. All I can say is that there's no rush, is there? We have the rest of our lives to enjoy running and achieve our goals.


You have a point, I think it's more the fact that I'm annoyed with myself that I didn't do this earlier in life, so trying to catch up and doing what I think I would be doing if I hadn't found alcohol, cigarettes and boys when younger (and not necessarily in that order I might add). Need to give myself a good talking too I think.


I am so with you Sharyn! 50 and starting running - why oh why didnt I start this earlier when I had bags of energy even with the alcohol, boys and clubs!! Ciggies came later but only for a short time thank goodness.....

Hey, at least you made it and didnt stop so be pleased with that! We are still novice runners and I think we forget that sometimes; I know I do as I get caught up in all the enthusiasm and think I am Jessica Ennis (if only, with abs like that...!) Sue x


Me too, I wish I hadn't waited until I was 51 to take up a sport! What a waste of time. Never mind though, at least now we can really appreciate how great it feels to regain control of our bodies a bit.


Eshaz, keep going, I went out today and did week 4 of B210K , don't quite stick to the 18 mins run and 1 min walk however, as I walk with hills as well, Saying that 1 hour and 15 mins later achieved 10k. You can do it. I am 53 and enjoying it. Speed run on monday. A few aches but nothing the weekend off won't resolve.


When I graduated I concentrated on 5km runs for a while trying to complete them in 30mins using the C25k+ podcasts.When I couldn't achieve this I started the B210K plan as I thought increasing my distances may help.I have been really enjoying this plan and running at my own pace twice a week.This week I did the speed plan for my second run and really struggled to even complete 5k.I think the lesson learnt is we need to vary our runs to continue to stretch ourselves and reach our goals :)


Sharyn I would ease back into stepping stones. I realise as I am doing this (resuming after the break with the cough and cold) that this is what is going to really get me going. So happy with myself staying to the beat on speed-not once did Laura come in and I wasn't there with it. Going to progress onto the stamina on Monday-on the flat. Once I know what it contains I'm going to do this on the Heath, which is hilly. My plan is thus: speed, stamina, free run. On the free run I can put into action all that I am learning with speed and stamina together.

Remember-Marathon, not a sprint. I won't be doing B210-no need for all the swearing on the tracks. I'm gonna take MY time, at my pace to reach my goals.

Incidently I am 63-so no spring chick-although I feel and act like one most of the time, lol!!


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