Overweight 😣

Starting c25k this week, went out yesterday got my trainers and joggers all ready! I'm actually looking forward to it!! But I'm around 5 stone overweight so I'm a little nervous that I'm going to struggle. I'm only 21 and don't want to live the rest of my life overweight. I can't say I enjoy running but I've never really given it a chance, I'm hoping this plan will help me as its helped so many others. I am qualifying into a very active job in September and would like to lose some weight so I can do better in my job. Has anybody got any tips for starting out or anybody who started this overweight and still managed to do it

Thanks sorry for the long post πŸ˜‚


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  • I started the programme at the end of January, being morbidly obese (104kg , 36.5% body fat).

    I graduated within the 9 weeks, with no need to repeat any run and today I am "only" overweight (89.7kg, 29.3% body fat) and I dropped 2 sizes.

    Running can help with weight loss but the biggest part of it still relies on dieting / healthy eating. So yes, you can do the programme being overweight but you won't lose weight unless you sort out your diet too.

  • Wow that's brilliant!! Well done on such good results πŸ‘πŸ» I'm planning on doing it alongside slimming world as I need some sort of diet plan otherwise I just deviate haha also is there a way to play music alongside the podcasts that you know off?

    Thanks x

  • The podcasts should already include music, while the app should allow you to play your own music from within the app itself.

    I've used the podcasts (http://www.nhs.uk/LiveWell/c25k/Pages/couch-to-5k.aspx) therefore I have no idea about how the app looks like and how to use it. I'm sorry I cannot help.

  • Hi, well done for starting! I'm on Week 4 similar weight to lose and so far so good. I had been doing a bit of aerobics before I started but not much. The app for phone allows you to play your own music but still have the time reminders. Best of luck!

  • Which app is this cos there's a few on App Store but doesn't seem to be the NHS one? Well done on week 4! Hope I can get there soon :)

  • The app that the NHS website directs you to is called "One you Couch to 5k" and the logo has a teal background with the "5k" part in yellow. This is the one I know you can play your own music with. Maybe others do as well.

  • This is the app: nhs.uk/oneyou/apps#URt8oG5K...

    In the page there are the links to the Google and Apple app stores ;)

  • Make sure to get the NHS one. Laura, the host is great.

  • Yes.. you can.. pretty much same advice as Secan.. healthy eating plenty fruit and veg..keep up activites and it will happen for you:) I've lost 3 stone in the past year.. my dreadful back ache is all but gone and I feel so much better for it.. can't say it's been easy but I love the new me :)

    Good luck ..believe in yourself.. this programme really gives you a great sense of achievement x

  • There is music with the C25k podcasts, and tuition from Laura, if you use the ones most of us used. The new ones have various voices to choose from but I don't know much about those. I assume they have music as well as full instructions as to when to walk/run/stop/start etc.

    I dare say there are loads here who have lost a lot of weight using a combo of healthy eating, running, other exercise, and walking. Walking is a fab weight loss tool. You can burn more cals on a good walk than on a fast run, so take every opportunity to walk. Walk instead of taking the bus or the car. Make it another life habit just the same as with healthy eating. Make it a way of life rather than just a quick phase til you lose some weight.

    I lost nearly 4 stone 7.5 lbs. I run a lot now from being a complete non-runner, who did C25k straight from the couch at aged nearly 57. Never looked back and I hope you won't too. Look forward to the healthy new you! Make small targets for yourself. Break it down as with c25k. You do that in small, bite size pieces, keep chipping away at it and you'll do it. It takes effort from you though, and getting organised to get your eating sorted out.

    Good luck!

  • Misswobble, you are an inspiration.

  • She is! :)

  • I had no end of trouble with the app, I just use Laura's pod casts, they have music on them. It's not my kind of music but it back ground noise and the tempo changes between walks and runs. I would recommend them over the app.

  • ... and looking good! Great motivational post for others, secan, you are a star!

  • A star? Come on, I am overweight but not *that* massive! πŸ˜†

  • Yes you are... You have and continue to do some great things... and your running journey, makes inspirational reading for all of us. :)

  • Hi and welcome, secan has got it spot on , yes you can do it but it is just 1 part of it.

    This program works , it can get out and running and doing something very positive to change your lifestyle around .

    Go for it ,good luck you won't regret doing it😊

  • I am 5 stone overweight too (I'm doing slimming World which I thoroughly recommend). I started c25k in March. I never thought I would say I enjoy running but I really do now. Because I am overweight I leave 2-3 rest days between runs (I go on Tuesdays and Fridays). I'm doing this to get fit so I don't mind if it takes me a bit longer than the 9 weeks if it means my legs and knees hold up OK. I'm halfway through week 5 now and on Friday I will be doing a full on 20 minute jog. Although it fills me with dread I know I will do it as my stamina has improved beyond what I thought I was ever capable of. The programme is excellent, I'm truly hooked on running and if anyone says fat girls can't or shouldn't run then they are blatantly lying - I am evidence that they can :)

    I'm not gona lie, that very first run near on killed me, but no run I have done since has been as bad as that, I've even enjoyed a few of them and discovered that running in the rain is lovely too. As I said, I'm just about to do week 5 run 2 on Tuesday and I am astonished that I'm actually doing this! Give it a go and persevere. I can't imagine not running now, I absolutely love it!

  • Wow that's brilliant Hun!! 20 minutes running 😳 Good luck you will smash it I'm sure of it :) in glad it works well alongside slimming world can't wait to get my bright pink trainers on now 😍

  • I started in March, just on my 49th birthday. 5'2" and 17 stone 10lbs. BMI around 43. Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, underactive thyroid and depression. Totally inactive for 30 years. To be honest, I thought 'couch' was a major goal as I spent most of my time in/on the bed. I graduated last Friday and am still 49, still 5'2" but last Monday I was 16 stone 1lb (next wii fit weigh in tomorrow). It didn't kill me. I struggled with the one minute runs in week 1 but managed a 72 minute (9km) run for my graduation run. Far more than necessary, but it shows what a fat old unfit woman can achieve on this programme. Keep it slow, focus on the minutes, not the miles.

    Two bits of advice. Firstly - Get some decent running socks. I stupidly did my first runs in cotton socks and put a hole right through the toes. Go to ebay or a running shop and get proper cushioned running socks with reinforced/seamless toes and ankles (mine are 'more mile cushioned' in pink and grey). Secondly - Sign up with 'myfitnesspal.com' and record everything you eat and all the additional exercise you do on top of daily routine stuff (don't include the Tesco run or hoovering). It is a fantastic site to help you ensure you don't eat more than you burn off and will really make you accountable for things. There's a huge database of generic foods and supermarket brands. You just search for whatever you've eaten and add it in. It really helped me lose weight (along with the running, obviously). If you have some kind of activity tracker (I recommend them, I have a Garmin Vivofit, others have fitbits or something similar) then that will help track your calories burnt etc and it will synch stats to myfitnesspal too. You don't 'need' one, but it may well help you stick to your new fitness regime and delight in adding activity and losing weight.

    Also, take your rest days, don't run on them, but by all means use them to swim, do strengthening activities or go for a walk instead. I feel awful if I don't do at least 30 minutes of something per day now.

    I wish I'd sorted myself out at 21 and not left it to 49. You're a wise person and can turn things around with ease. Your lungs aren't utterly knackered yet! Listen to your body. If your heart is racing and you feel like stopping... stop. You can repeat a week if you feel it's too much for you, but if you stick with Laura's plan and complete each run, even if it felt hard, move on to the next week and smile at your progress. Good on you. Good luck. :-)

  • OMG that is amazing!! Thanks for such good advice, gunna look for some socks now ;) lol just ordered my Fitbit this morning haha spooky. Did run 1 on Monday, did 45 mins in the gym and doing my second run today hope I can have similar results to you :) thanks again x

  • Lost another 3 lbs last week, so now gone from 17.10 to 15.12 in just over 9 weeks. DO get a free account on myfitnesspal.com though. It's staggering how much you learn about what you're eating. Enjoy your Fitbit. Welcome to the world of running, eating well and being a fitness bore/obsessive. :-) x

  • You might be able to get slimming world free on the NHS but obviously you will have to go to your doctor and be referred, I know a few people who have got it that way.

  • It depends on the NHS Trust your area comes under. I help out at slimming World (I do the weighing in) and where I live doesnt do it, but if you live a ten minute drive away you come under a different NHS Trust and they do offer it. There are strict criteria but definitely worth looking into as you can save yourself a lot of money (fiver a week).

  • Many folks here didn't enjoy running or gym class when they were younger, myself included. I'm not overweight, but for any of us the runs can be tough. Just go as slow as possible, take your rest days and take as long with the program as you need. Nothing wrong with repeating runs or weeks - many of us have. Every time you get out that door is a major win.

    Keep us posted how it goes, and keep coming back to the forum. We're here for each other.

  • hi I lost over 6 stone before I started by eating low carb, as the weight came off I had more energy and did lots of walking and restarted swimming. I started c25k as part of setting myself a challenge to ensure I didn't slip back into bad habits, I never expected to actually enjoy it, that was a big bonus. I'm still 1.5/2 stone overweight and the only advice I would give is take it slow, get a good bra, and whatever diet you decide to follow, try and view it as how you eat now, rather than a diet which will end and then you slip back. (I have done this previously, lost 5 stone, thought I was able to start having a little bit of whatever I wanted, then more, then before I knew it, and (bit of stress) I ended up putting it all back on plus a bit more). This time ,thanks to running, I have motivation to never, ever go back! Good luck you can do it! If I can, anyone can!

  • Thanks for the advice! After run 1 the need for a good bra was realised hahahaha

  • yep! More important than trainers the guys will never understand!

  • I was an obese size 18 when I started. My aim was finish c25k and feel fitter. The thought of loosing all that weight felt too depressing but I hoped I would shed a few pounds and tone up. By the time i had completed c25k I noticed my clothes feeling looser which encouraged me to improve my diet and drink less. I gradually shrunk to a size 10-12 over a year. Just seeing the weight come off and buying smaller clothes was enough to encourage me to keep going. I now dislike most most unhealthy foods and rarely touch alcohol. My advice is-be patient and stick at it even when you don't seem to be making much progress. The rewards will come if you persevere and you come to love running if you stick through the first 6 months. I've run a half marathon but I still think sticking through the early days of running were the real achievement. Good luck 😊

  • Wow that's amazing hope I can have similar results! X

  • You've made the biggest change by deciding to start this brilliant programme. Like you, although more than twice your age, I hadn't given running much of a chance to the point I didn't think I could run. Now having been through the programme I can't believe what I can now do. Others have gone on to run 10K, half marathons etc but I'm happy just running 30 minutes when I can.

    I wish I found this type of programme at your age and I hope you get "the bug" to continue with running towards your goal. All the best.

  • I started out at 4 stone overweight (after losing 5 stone, come and join us in the Weight Loss NHS forum, if you like) and have lost another stone since starting to run.

    My best advice is to take it very slowly and be careful to stick to the programme to avoid injury. I also had longer rest days between sessions at the beginning to allow for recovery, but since about week 3, I just had one or two days between sessions like everyone else.

    It is a great way to improve your fitness and I love it!

  • The only tip I would give is to make sure you do some strengthening exercises on your rest days. I started this a year ago, and suffered terribly with shin splints because my muscles weren't strong enough. Running is great, but you need strength along with it. Good luck! I hope all goes well πŸ‘πŸ»

  • What kind of strengthening exercise would you suggest? X

  • You could do squats, lunges, that sort of thing. There's also lower leg exercises like standing on the edge of a step on your toes and lifting up and down. A friend of mine used to do Davina's 15 minute DVD. Or there's an nhs strength exercise podcast program you could try? I can't remember the details, but I'm sure you could google it to find out. Good luck with it! πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜Š

  • Oh another point to bear in mind is that when you have got the weight off, if you keep up with the exercise you can KEEP it off!

    It does require CHANGE though and that's what folks find difficult. Accept the need to change things and move on ....

  • I'm so ready to change, sick of feeling like a fat sloth

  • Hey there- well done for signing up! You can totally do this- you are young and have an excellent reason to get cracking. I started in Feb along with overhauling my diet, one meal at a time. So in week 1, I swapped my toast at breakfast for porridge or cereal. Week 2 I tackled lunch...and so on. The main thing that worked for me was keeping a fitness and diet journal and writing everything down- small successes, goals, meals, exercise weekly plans etc. I did my three times per week run and aimed to do one exercise dvd and one swim per week too. When I started, I was seriously out of breath after one minute of running. It was hard- but I kept slowly plodding along. Yesterday, I ran 6.5k without stopping. Posting after every run on this forum really kept me going- you won't find a better group of running friends! I've lost three stone but more importantly I'm the fittest I've ever been.

    Set yourself some short and medium term goals- you can make it happen. Good luck! Keep us posted! πŸ˜„

  • At the beginning of the year I was 6 stone (38kg) overweight at an NHS Health Check. Luckily I was very healthy apart from that, so I only had one thing to work on.

    Since then I've made my diet a lot healthier (basically cutting out stuff with refined sugar in it) and I vaguely tried to do more exercise.

    A colleague at work recommended the Couch to 5K programme at the beginning of April, and I've been doing it religiously every other day since then.

    The first week was by far the hardest - I was almost completely out of breath for those minute runs! I did Week 9 Run 1 this morning and absolutely loved it, and I'm really looking forward to graduating this week, and running a Parkrun on Saturday.

    I've lost 1 stone 12pounds (12kg) so far this year, and I'm feeling so much healthier, happier and have masses more energy. I'm determined to keep going until I've reached a 'healthy' weight, by continuing to run regularly and eat healthily.

    The main tip I can give you for doing this programme is to do exactly what Laura tells you to do, because she knows what she is talking about.

    The other tip is to ask any questions that you may have to the really wonderful people on this forum - they always seem to have brilliant advice, and they know what they're talking about because they've already done it.

    Good Luck - you can do it! :-)

  • Well done you for starting this excellent programme. :)

    It works... not magically or overnight, but, if you follow the programme and take it gently... do not be tempted to push yourself..you will succeed.

    This is a structured programme designed to be followed, and to get you to where you want to be, safely and injury free! Also.. you should enjoy the journey:)

    My lovely friend secan, is evidence of that.. he is amazing and doing great things!

    You can do this... you just did the hardest part :)


    Yours is NOT a long post... you should read mine...just ask secan!

  • I can confirm: Jesstet, you should read Oldfloss' posts; they are great πŸ˜‰

  • We have been following the Jason Vale 28 day juicing challenge and I have lost a stone in 4 weeks. My husband has lost 1.5 stone. I would highly recommend it. I just down loaded the app and watched the videos. Good luck with your running.

  • It started couch to 5k at 17 stone 4. That was a year ago. I now run regular 5k and have run a couple of 10k. During this time I have lost 2 stone (I have not changed my eating or my beer intake!) however I mow need to look at my diet (and beer intake) if I am to progress. It can be done you just have to get out there and do YOUR thing! The other benefits are huge. I now have a fantastic sense of wellbeing and now have muscle tone!!!

  • Just go steadily, always make the plan work for you, remember your body will need time to get uses to this and get stronger bit by bit. A lot of us repeated weeks. I found doing the NHS strength and flexibility plan alongside c25k worked really well. I've just done w5 r2 much to my amazement!!

    Proper running shoes, a good sports bra help as well, ibuprofen and bags of frozen peas are great. And keep posting here. The hardest step is the one out of the door!!

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