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Breathing in difficulty

Hi all. I'm back on C25k having completed it previously last year. I'm at week 5. I was told that I had asthma a few years ago but have never been 100% convinced as no tests were done. Recently I recorded peak flows and had some spirometry tests which involved lots of blowing out after deep breaths. All were over 100% readings and peak flows always above expected even if chest feels troublesome. So this has helped me appreciate that it's the in breaths that are a problem. Since being back out jogging I've really noticed this and have to take big nasal in breaths often. Does this still sound like it could be asthma and are there any tips anyone can offer?

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I'm sorry I can't help about the asthma and it's maybe worth asking your doctor about this but perhaps you are running too fast? Well done for starting again though.


Are you nose breathing or mouth breathing? I'm a mouth- breather as are many people.


Im not running too fast. I'm not out of breath. Its just hard to take breaths in. I try to breath through my mouth but it doesn't feel like im taking enough in so I use my nose. I'm not sure if it makes any difference though.


Just a thought - sometimes I find that if concentrate on breathing OUT then the in breaths sort themselves out...

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I agree, breathing out for a slightly longer count than the in breath for me for a couple of runs seemed to make my breathing sort itself and didn't have to think about it once that rhythm established itself


Ok ill try this on my next outing. Thank you x


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