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Question to all on breathing


After having an enforced week off from running. I started back today but went on the treadmill at the gym to make sure things are healed. I found myself a lot more relaxed and started to actively work on my breathing. I always breathe through my mouth. In and out. Someone once told me it's better to take breaths In through your nose and out through your mouth. I tried this and just ended up totally out of breath. It's like I can't get enough air through my nose. Does anyone find it easy breathing that way?

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I can't master that either , I have always breathed through my mouth , found it very natural & easy to do. . Never suffered from stitch either not once . Carry on with what comes natural , glad to hear you have recovered .


I can't breathe through my nose at all... Years of asthma and allergies means I always have a blocked up nose!!! I think you need to find what suits you??


I'm like you, when I try to breath through my nose I feel like I'm not getting enough air so get a bit panicky. I sometimes feel like that about breathing even through my mouth so I have to tell myself to calm down. Maybe it's one of those things that comes eventually with practice.


I never got the hang of this, it was first introduced to me in a total body work out class where I tried it out and I've also tried it running but in both cases I feel I can't get enough air in and out to meet my bodies needs so I've done away with that bit of advice. I agree with Rockette, do what feels natural :)


Nothing exciting to share about breathing...just wanted to say I am glad you are okay after your op and back out running :)


I can do in nose out mouth breathing fine in tai chi class but no way when I am running. I now go with the method that says as long as you are breathing it's ok --it's only if you stop you might have a BIG problem Seriously the more I think about it when running the harder it gets Really glad to hear you seem to be on road to recovery

From my very basic understanding of physiology, the idea of breathing in through the nose is to warm the air before it reaches the lungs, as well as filtering out all the dust & stuff in the atmosphere. It may also help keep your adrenalin levels down, so your muscles don't get tired so quickly. Breathing out through the mouth helps cool the body, so you don't overheat. WARNING! ~This could be all rubbish - any physiologists out there, please correct me! :-)

Bazza1234Graduate in reply to EverTheOptimist

Well, the bit about reducing adrenalin has a ring of truth about it - as I said in another post, I am trying out forcing myself to only nose breathe for the first bit of any run. It seems to keep me calm and slow me down


Have a look at this I think it simplifies things.........or complicates them, depending on your attitude.

RealfoodieclubGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Brilliant article explains it well. Thanks

ajwyldGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Also found it useful, so thanks. I've swum quite seriously for many years and when I'm swimming I'm quite good at controlling my breathing and varying the pattern depending on what I'm trying to do. But for now I find I can't do it at all with running ! I guess it will come with time.


At the start of C25K I listened to Laura's advice about breathing and tried faithfully to follow it - and nearly collapsed in a heap! I've since come to the conclusion that my body knows how to breathe and can do this on its own without any interference from me. I have many other things to worry about instead :D


I love to breathe that way on my warm up walk as it seems to open up my lungs and also relaxes me prior to my run, but as soon as I start to run I naturally breathe through my mouth. It definitely feels as if I'm not getting enough air in when I breathe through my nose.


Ok - then what about breathing rhythm. Who specifically concentrates on developing breathing rhythm during their runs - and what rhythms have you found to work for you?

Thank you all for your replies. Sometimes it is just so good to realise you are not alone and it's ok. I think I will go with what works for me but work on breathing deeper and using the diaphragm more as I like the idea of getting more oxygen round my body. I know from personal experience running with better iron levels makes the run easier and that equates to more oxygen so if I can get more oxygen through breathing that might help even more. Thanks again.

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