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Junior parkrun

My 11 year old son did his first junior parkrun this morning! He is mid way through wk 6 , by doing nearly all the runs completely by himself. Junior parkrun has started up quite recently so he decided he would give it a go. Its just a 2 km course which was perfect for his stage, there were lots of young club runners and running parents with younger kids. He made it all the way round in 13.05 which we were happy with. The speedy club runners were between 7 and 9 minutes ,but he was 77th out of 125 so really proud of him!

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You're right to be proud of him and I really hope he is very proud of himself too.The most important thing for him is to understand that, as long as he's having fun, he'll always be the winner of his races. 😉


That is fantastic - you must be very proud! I am trying to get my 12 yr old son to do C25k, so your story makes me more determined! My eldest is also chomping at the bit to do more running since watching me do the Great Bristol run last weekend! Good luck to both of you☺


its great, hope your 12 year old gets started soon! I wish my older two would try but they are not keen on leaving their rooms if they can help it...made them come to watch their brother today though! Well done for your Bristol run too!

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I'm a massive fan of junior park run and my two love it. It is a wonderful opportunity for them to enjoy their running and track their progress. I love volunteering too. My daughter and I like to tail run together - she's worked out you get a run credit and a volunteer credit in one outing :)

Have fun ☺

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