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Still around, still running (Kinda)

I've not been on here for a little while but i'm still going out for a run but not as often as I'd like. The past few months have been crazy with work, family life and scouting that often I've only been able to get out once or twice a week instead of the preferred 3. What typically happens is I'll plan to go out on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday but then can't fit in the Monday run, manage to go on a Tuesday. On a Wednesday - I ran on Tuesday so according to the rules I should rest on Wednesday. Thursday is always a manic day so can't run and Friday I either make it or don't. Weekends are not possible as I am either working or out with the scouts. I'm getting frustrated with it as I am loosing fitness and a lot slower than I was a few months back.

Then to make things worse, I've been getting twinges in my left knee. I've been having them for a while and most of the time my knee doesn't hurt. It also doesn't hurt when running but sometimes I'll move my leg in a certain way and it hurts. Or I'll over extend the knee and feel pain, or sometimes coming downstairs hurts. Mostly the pain is on the inside of my leg to the right of the joint. If I prod and poke I don't feel pain, only with certain movement. So I'm not sure if I should be resting it or running through it. Given that running doesn't hurt it and it doesn't hurt straight after I guess I'm ok.

Anyway, just thought i'd pop along and say hi and fill you in on my progress (or lack of it).

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Lapses are fine, just keep going as much as you can. I once had a 5 months (!!!) lapse with next to no running and got back to it. Just take it one step at a time, once you break it down to small tasks (to silly levels like: OK, let's put the kit on, now to open the door, now to pick up pace etc), it doesn't seem like such a daunting / time consuming part of your life and you'll be back home and motivated in what feels like no time.

I would see someone about that left knee though. They should be able to tell you if to rest it or how easy to take it.

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Hi Sezza, I'm very similar to you at the moment...haven't run for 4 mths and am scared of trying again because I know I'll almost be back to square one! 😕 I'm cross with myself for not trying to get out more but during the winter the cold made me wheeze so much I couldn't, then works gone a bit mental in last couple of months so I've been too tired to go...and scared too!

I also have a bit of a twinge in my left knee, which seems fine unless I do squats ( I do a few classes a week) so hoping that running won't make it worse!

I'm determined to get back into it tho, I was doing so well, frustrated at myself...thinking about getting a treadmill for garage to tide me through the cold winter months tho...then I have NO excuses!

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Hi, I was wondering if you were still running as I'd not seen you on here for a bit either. It's tough to get out when it's cold but now I'm also finding that when it's warm it's just as hard as I over heat. I don't think there are any ideal running conditions it's always hard work lol.


Yes that's true enough hahaha, but I do find the cold just seems to make my throat least in the heat you can breathe! Lol

I'm thinking classes on Sat and Wed maybe a run Mon and Thursday/ Friday and Sunday that's what I did when on the plan so I'll just start that again...and if I start again around week 3, who else knows but me...( and you, and all the other people reading it 😂) but it's not a race, I just need to get my head back into it...

Let's boost each other up xx

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