Couch to 5K

in your dreams girl

I read this last night propped in bed...

"there will be days you don't think you can run a marathon... there will be a lifetime of knowing you have" unknown

metaphorically the 'marathon' as I see it is completing C25K it has certainly felt like it many a run (3 left, so out in the morning for wk9r1)

next 'marathon' will be my first 5k race

but I laid there thinking...

Which is a dangerous occupation at the best of times...

could I?...

may be...

other people train from scratch all the time...

Who are these other people..

Other people ran, I didn't and... now I do...

if I keep running now for a year or so...

maybe next season...

there is no reason why not...

could I keep mind and body together enough... Get it strong and healthy enough...

Put it on the list of things to do before I'm 40...

Bx ran a Marathon :)

I'm just putting the thought out there for myself... I spent a long time thinking about it last night

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You will do it :)

How many of us doing week 9 really thought we would get this far? I doubt it has been easy for any of us - different aches, pains and mental blocks. But we all can do it.

A great post and very motivating.

Why not?


If you want it enough I believe you can achieve it. Go for it Bxster...I'll be cheering you all the way.... won't be joining you but will definatly be cheering for you!!!!

Did talk about doing a half marathon at some point but thankfully that idea has passed :)


at least you can still aim to do things before you're 40. Too late for some of us ;-/

Why not ? If you want to do it, you almost certainly can. You've already proved that !


Something you should have on your list...and definitely something you could achieve. Why not?! :)


No reason you shouldn't achieve this if you want to, who'd have thought you would even consider such a thing a couple of months ago. Are you sure you are not suffering from sleep deprivation ?? :) Honestly, Bxster, I am sure you have it in you to succeed if you set out to do it. I won't be joining you either but will definitely be backing you.


That's more like it ;-)


The main phrase that stands out to me from what you've written is "there is no reason why not..." Precisely this :)

We'll both be graduating very shortly, at the start I was shocked when I'd done 3 minutes continual running. Now we're doing or about to do 30 and I'm shocked how well I'm doing. Next for me is 5k, then Race for Life, then maybe a 10k.

So a marathon? Go for it! :) :)


Hi there, not sure if this will help but... I started C25K back in October at the same time I stopped smoking, I am 6ft1 and weighed about 22 stone, I also had a nasty historic foot injury. I lined up all my excuses before I started and told nobody because, like all the diets I had tried, I knew I was going to quit.

Well I finished the C25K without injury and felt really proud of myself, not something fat people say or feel very often. I now run 2-3 times a week and my route is 10k, it takes me about 90 mins but I run, don't stop and feel bloody great after. I haven't had a cigarette in 6 months ( try E-cigarettes they really work) and none of my clothes fit, I haven't weighed myself but I guess I have lost about 2 stone. I have no desire to race people, for me I enjoy the solitude and the feeling that I am now doing something most of my slim friends can't. I might try a marathon one day but for me its about a routine that pushes me but avoids injury. I still do my warm up walk and my stretches.......Good luck to you all, you can do it but my advice is don't put a ton of pressure on yourself, if you stick to the program it will just happen, by week 5 I was really seeing results.


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