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My first early morning run

I realised that I'll be too busy to run tonight, so rather than postponing it, I decided to do my first Week 8 run before work this morning.

It was lovely to be out there on the paths and fields before 7 - there were hardly any other people there, so you could really hear the bird song.

I was surprised to get my feet wet running across a field after several days of no rain, but realised that it was morning dew!

The run was much easier than expected - not easy and still slow - but at no point did I contemplate stopping, and there were a few patches of fairly fluent running.

Hope you all have a lovely day today


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Hi well done on getting out earlt it's lovely running in the morning isn't it, I tried running at night but couldn't get the motivation to go out 3 times a week but since switching to early mornings I love it and have only missed a run a few times,are you going to run in the mornings as well now or stick to evenings?

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I'll see how the rest of the day goes - if I have enough energy to make it through the whole day, then it seems like a really good idea. It's not much time out in the morning, and I'll have my evenings back to do what I want! :-)


I find running in the morning sets me up nicely for the day and like you said gives you the evenings back.

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The only way to start the day. At first you may find yourself tired for the rest of the day, but don't give up. In time you will cope with it and you will actually benefit from the run, with greater alertness and energy.


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