Feeling emotional

3 years ago this weekend I was at Newcastle racecourse watching my grandson who had just been diagnosed with leukaemia and his big sister run in the North of England Children's Cancer Run. I promised my grandson I would do it with them the following year. It took me 6 months to finally get off the couch. Best promise I ever made. Slowly lost 3 stone and unexpectedly found a love of running and a new family on these amazing forums. The Run is now an annual event for our family and the most important date on my race calendar.

So if you are struggling with C25k don't give up. Just follow the programme and you'll get there. If this 62 yr old grandma can do it so can you.

Can't wait for Sunday.


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  • Wonderful story!!!!!

  • I would give anything for Brody not to have cancer but it's only because he has that I started running. Funny old world eh Bazza

  • Three years what a journey, you have just grown and excelled in your new passion. I love the stability and grounding learning to run can give. It helps us through times we would of thought we couldn't manage. Lots of love to you and all your family. Rfc X.

  • You just never know what life's going to throw at you RFC. Who would have thought a simple thing like moving your feet could help you cope. Can't imagine what I would do if I hadn't discovered running.

  • Great post---thanks for telling us. Good luck to your family and with your running.

  • Sometimes I think folk must be sick of my story harveyemm but I just want to let people know that even if life is pretty bad for you just now running can be a way to cope. It won't make the problem go away but might give you some inner strength to cope.

  • What an inspiration you are!

  • It's my grandson who's my inspiration. He's just amazing

  • What a lovely story. I'm so jealous when I hear it bringing families together and mine show no interest at all.

  • Oh I'm sorry your family are not interested slow start. You think they would be pleased you have found something you enjoy and is good for your health. At least on here you know we support you

  • What a lovely post! Great to read such stories. Good luck!

  • Thanks Shivani. I feel very privelaged to be able to run with all these wonderful children.

  • Lovey post, enjoy your race xx

  • Thanks Curlygurly. I'm not sure which grandchild I'm running with. Me my daughter and son in law run with a child each. 3 yr old grandson is doing 1 mile so I should be able to keep up with him. 7 yr old granddaughter doing 3 miles and she really fast so that'll be speed training for me. 5 yr old Brody got his port out on Mon so wound is a bit sore so hoping he'll settle for slowish 1 mile. But he's very competitive and wants to do 3 miles this year so need to wait till Sunday to see how feeling.

  • you are all a great inspiration, being keen to get out there regardless, puts us all to shame moaning about twinges and burning muscles... Hope he has a great day whatever distance he gets to do😊

  • Ever time I struggle on a run i just remind myself on What Brody has had to go through and it Spurs me on. Thanks HH

  • Lovely post and I have read your previous ones on this. Masses of luck on Sunday to you allπŸ™‚

  • Thanks Sandra . Everyone's best wishes mean such a lot to me

  • You've had quite a journey FF60 and it's fantastic that you are still running, and clearly loving it, after this time. Have a super duper race on Sunday all of you.

  • Totally changed my life irishprincess. My non running friends are always asking me when I am going to give up running. So I now just say Im going to wait till I'm 80 and then have a look at maybe slightly decreasing the distance and hill training - but then again maybe not.

  • Go girl πŸ‘

  • Have a wonderful run on Sunday. Very Best Wishes to Brody, you and all your family. Running certainly does give a lot back to us

  • Thanks Annie. It's only other runners that understand. Non runners just don't get it . They only see it as a way to get fit.

  • You know what... that race isn't just on your calendar, it's on the forum's calendar. Yours is such a lovely story and I hope you'll keep telling it.

  • Oh thanks google me. It means so much to me the support from my c25k friends

  • All the very best to you and your wonderful inspirational family ((( )))

    You are so supportive of each other , I hope you all have a well deserved lovely day .

    Please will you be able to post some pics if you get the chance ? We would all love to see them I am sure xxx

  • Thanks poppy. Hopefully get some good pics. The wee ones love getting their photo taken - unlike their grandma!

  • What a lovely story. Thank you for sharing it with us. I hope your grandson is fully recovered and I hope you and the family enjoy your special run.

  • Thanks Iben. He's just finished 3 years of daily chemo so now has to build up his immune system. Still going for regular blood tests and gets quite tired. But he goes swimming ,running and rock climbing classes. Daughter and her son in law have tried to give him a normal as possible childhood. I love running with wee ones.

  • My word! What a moving story. Hope all is well now xxx

  • It's a wait and see game just now. No reason for us not to feel positive. Dr pleased with progress so far thanks Celtprof

  • I've signed up for the race for life 10k in July- nervous, but sponsored now soon turning back! Will be thinking of you and your family.

  • That's great Celtprof They are very emotional races too. I once ran behind someone who had a note pinned to her back to say she was running in celebration of having hair again! Remember your hankie. Where are you running it?

  • Victoria Park in Leicester for my friend Jane who passed away in 2009. Hoping to be carried away by the event as 10k still seems scary!

  • Sorry to hear about your friend but I'm sure she will so proud of you. I hope you have a fab race and just think of the happy times you spent with Jane. You can do this Celtprof

  • What a wonderful story, what a wonderful family and my goodness what a brilliant little fella Brody is! Best of luck for his recovery and for the race tomorrow.

  • My daughter and son in law have done an Amazing job trying to give Brody and his brother and sister a normal childhood in sometimes difficult circumstances. Brody is very competitive so hope he can run the course. He'll get round somehow but think walkings giving in. I ll be quite happy with wee walk break cos they just go off too fast - haven't quite grasped idea of pacing! Thanks bop

  • Amazing story. Warmest wishes to all of you!

  • Thank you Sueb

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