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Week 2 - Take 2!

Last Wednesday i completed WK2R2, found it quite tough on the calves but overall not too bad.  However later that day my mother got rushed into hospital so training and dieting went right out of the window :( I didn't manage to do any S&F or further runs and food was just grabbed on the go.

Although mum is still in hospital, things have settled down again so i set the alarm for 5:30am (ugh :P) and headed out on WK2R1.  Have gone back to the beginning to give myself more chance to succeed.  In all honesty i think the little break did my calf the world of good as i didn't experience any issues with it today.

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Hope your Mum is better soon, Mothers can be such a worry! I know you want to be there for your Mum but make sure you take some 'me time' as well. Running is a good thing as you can switch off your brain for a bit and just be you for a while. Sending positive thoughts your way x


Hope Mum is on the mend...x Well done you...5.30... great time... cool and quiet! Mind you being retired, I have the rest of the day to recover!

Go you...slow and steady, onwards and upwards... :)

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