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started yesterday & OMG


i am so unfit, day one yesterday &  i feel really bad as i had to walk some of each of the runs & was so out of breath!! feel like ive failed at the first hurdle!

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The F word isn't in our dictionary.  How can you fail when you went out and tried.

Starting out on that 1st run is the hardest part you compelted some of the runs that is to be applauded.

We all started at the same point and found it tough. Take you rest day or days then go out and try it again  you may surprise your self but don't worry if you end up walking again . There are no hard and fast rules you do the program at your pace 

You should be proud of yourself as you have got out there and had a go. Well done :) 

almost50Graduate in reply to Slow_Rob

thank you i was feeling a bit sorry for myself in my head im ready for a marathon trouble is my body is only ready for a snickers!

Slow_RobGraduate in reply to almost50

Haha good one no need to feel sorry for yourself . Keep at it :) 

pollyp1Graduate in reply to Slow_Rob

A concept I was reminded of recently: there is no such thing as failure, only feedback.


Slow_Rob is right! You got off the couch, went outside and ran for a while - that is a success! Just keep trying, you will be surprised how quickly you progress. Take your time, go slow - don't give up! Loads of us on this forum felt the same on the first run - now we're all addicted! Good luck!


you got off the couch, that is the first success, if it was a real struggle don't worry it will get better if you stick at it, if you want to repeat week one you can but you will start to find it easier anyway. And the biggest helpful advice we all tell new runners is slow down, run as slow as you can, its easier to go for longer and build up that way, speed can be worked on later and may well come itself as you get fitter!

You got off the couch, didn't you? That is the first and most difficult and most important of the many steps you are going to take on this journey. Many of us here in this forum started out just like you, struggling to make it through the first runs. But the c25k programme is designed so that even the most unfit can do it. Just trust the programme, go slowly and you can do this! You'll amaze yourself.


Good for you almost50 - you've done the hardest bit. I finished week 2 today, but I remember my first day- a real shock to the system- I felt like my lungs were exploding and I was praying for the running sections to finish. Keep going- it will definitely get easier.

Hi almost50, your post just made me chuckle as I literally just posted something very similar on the week 2 page!  I feel your pain, but it must get easier if all these people say so (at least that's what I keep telling myself!) 

I couldn't believe how difficult that first run was either. Just keep at it, run by run you get stronger and if you can keep motivated, you'll definitely run for 30 min. That makes it all worthwhile in my eyes. You get better at things the longer you do them and running is no different. The first hurdle was getting out the door and you didn't fall there, you went out and did it. Some people repeated runs several times before moving on to the next, yet they're posting on here as graduates, even running races. You'll do ittoo, just keep at it.


It is hard, but you are made of strong stuff and can do this. We all started by gasping and stumbling along but have gone on to cope with the programme. Trust the programme - it has worked for thousands of us now!

Good luck - you won't regret it's!


The first run is the hardest, and now it's behind you. You may walk a bit next time too. That's ok. One day you will get through all 8 runs doing a (slow) run. There is no timetable set in stone with this programme. I took 12 weeks to complete it, and many others have taken more than 9 weeks too. Just go slow and steady and one day you will do it too. Good luck!


thank you everybody im so glad i joined the forum rest day today then day 2 tomorrow ill keep you posted!


almost50 we all have to start somewhere. I too started the 5k this week and the first run wasn't great. But we have done it. Just take it steady and i bet in a couple of weeks things become easier. Keep going 😉

The only fail is if you dont go out and continue tomorrow.


getting out there n giving it a go is a major success not a fail. I considered my first run as a base line, an indication of where I was starting and what I could build upon. So I couldn't walk very fast or jog very far it didn't matter just meant next time I felt amazing when I managed to improve. By the third run of the week I was fist pumping the air n doing a victory dance I felt I had achieved so much. I'm only on week two but getting excited about going on my next run tomorrow to see if I have improved any on my last run. I'm doing a different route though with some hills will be interesting to see if I can manage them, that's my goal for the week to get up them without having to sit down for a rest like I would normally do. 


My first was the first since leaving school 25 yrs ago. Was horrific, looked close to death at end, bright purple & needed oxygen tent. Couple of months on & I can now do 30 mins, still not a pretty sight but honestly, stick with it & u will shock, stun & amaze yourself.


The only way you can possibly fail is by stop trying. ;)

*Every* run, no matter how slow or difficult, is a progress an get you closer to success. Give yourself the credit you deserve for having gone out there, take one or two rest days and try again; if you keep your determination and take your time you are bound to succeed.

Welcome to the runners' family!

first take a step back and realise you overcame the resistance to change and got out there and did your first run/walk well done you !!!!

second take a peek at the graduating posts, you will be amazed to see how many started out just like you on their first run and ended up graduating after running for a full 30 mins

thirdly look at the week 1 posts and see how many on day one found it hard but saw improvements by day 3

keep at it the rewards far outweigh the discomfort of perceived ( and therefore erroneous) failure

look forward to seeing your progress which in turn will help others just starting out

keep running keep posting



Don't lose heart! It took me several weeks before I could complete the first run. I had to build up slowly with lots of walking (even that hurt at first, I was so unfit) and then short interval training between lamp posts. If you can't run for a full minute, run for 30 seconds and don't worry - it WILL come. It is incredible how quickly your fitness levels start to rise once you get going.

Good luck and as others have said, keep posting.

c x

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