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Inch Loss - OMG!!!!!!!!

So I completed W5R3 this morning - already blogged about that ;) - and while in work today my mind was thinking about weight loss now I'm officially over half way through the programme. Now I have sworn off the scales forever. I spent waaaay too many hours in my 20's stressing over pounds and doing silly diets. I did try the 5:2 in the first couple of weeks of C25K but it gave me headaches and my concentration in work was all over the place so stopped.

But I have had so many compliments from work colleagues and friends I haven't seen for a while about how well I look and that I've lost weight. I took a lot of C25Kers advice at the very start and rather than focusing on weight loss, they said to measure yourself in inches as your body does change shape from C25K. Well I just redid my measurements (chest, belly, waist, hips and thighs) and I have lost a total of ELEVEN!!!!! inches since starting C25K. I cannot freakin' believe it! I knew my clothes felt better but WOW!

I think the focus on fitness and always looking forward to your next run has really helped me to stop overeating which has always been my problem. I've never had trouble clearing a mountain of food :D - especially Sunday roasts - and while I still enjoy my food, I guess I'm just not eating the same amount as I was before. That plus regular exercise and voila! I don't care about what I weigh, but what I see and how I feel. I haven't felt this healthy in years!!

Anyway I'm well chuffed. Thanks to all those C25Kers who advised me to do the measurements. If you haven't already, I'd strongly advise it as you will be really surprised! I'm not lacking motivation by any means but boy, this just makes me want to get back out there and run again and again!!

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Wooohhhhoooo success on a smaller plate!! Well done you. I have lost 3 stone this past year but the one thing I always did was check the inches cos the tape measure never lies.

Here's another little tip if you're interested, I lost my waist 20 years ago, just didn't go in at the middle at all, I was box shaped! Since running and exercising the weight has come off but the waist was still not very defined so I bought a weighted hula hoop. Yikes I now have lost altogether a whopping 10" by doing 20 minutes hula hoop to my favourite music 3 times a week :)


Congratulations on your progress Fraz73! That kind of accidental inch-loss is amazing, well done!

And Oldgirl, I've been really wanting a hula hoop, this may be the push I need to get one! :)


That's brilliant to have an exact measurement to your change in shape. And well done on your changing attitude to eating.


I'll second the weighted hula hoop, it's great fun once you get over the feeling you're building up bruises.

Well done on the inch loss, and there I was thinking my 6.5 inches since W2 was good!


That is excellent, well done, Fraz.


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