BHF Marathon in May

So I was actually planning to do my first run of the week today, but the text on Sunday reminding me about the Marathon in May got me out yesterday instead.

I finally changed my route - took a while since any other route would involve bigger hills (the joys of living in a valley). So I did the main hill on my way out, then back along the canal towpath to take advantage of the flat now it's slightly drier. But if I push the distance much higher, I might need to look at trail running shoes to avoid the worst country lanes... 

It was a great change, and my first sub-35m 5k run. So 3.2 miles down, 23 to go.

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  • Which marathon are you doing? Good luck with your training! 

  • Just the British Heart Foundation one where you have to run 26.2 miles in May, not an actual marathon. But thanks

  • Oh ok! What a great idea, I might try that challenge too. 

  • Oh thank goodness - you had me worried!!

  • I'm doing that too, I've clocked up 3.2 miles so far just like you. I thought it would be achievable after being on the couch for a bit.

  • When I first heard about it, I worked it out that since a marathon is just over 42km, if you run 3 times a week (so 12 times in the month), it came out as just over 3.5km per run. Unless I'm using the c25k+ Speed podcast, I'm running over 5k each time anyway. So as I slowly work up to 10k (very slowly), I might as well raise some money for charity at the same time for extra motivation

  • Yip I am doing three 5ks a week. I figured it was a good way to consolidate and pick up speed as since graduating 3weeks ago I have been doing 7 and 8 km runs. Did my first 5 km on Monday, 1 minute per km faster. Out again today. So, we will get this done. 

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