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Having just finished my c25k last June and feeling fab, a week later l had sciatica then my piriformis muscle and greater trochanteric muscle have played me up for eight months and only now have finally gone.  That said,  l haven't done any running since then and feel frightened to start again in case l am back to square one..anyone been in the same situation? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.


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  • I had a different diagnosis, but was out of action for 4 months almost immediately after I graduated last Sept. I feel your pain.

    I started again from the very beginning, just to get a feel for how much I could manage, and I graduated for the second time 2 weeks ago. I would say just give it a go, but be especially slow and steady, and pay close attention to any symptoms re-emerging. At least you know what to look out for. Even if you can't get straight through the plan, you may be able to get a few weeks in.  My GP told me that the real benefits from cardiovascular exercise are gained from the first 20 minutes of a session, so I aim for that even when I can't face 30 mins or 5k.  

    Take it steady. 🏃

  • Thank you and well done you.

  • I don't think you will have lost it all but it would be sensible to start from the beginning again. If run one is easy move on to week 2 and so on until you find a week that is sufficiently challenging.

    Good luck, I'm sure you'll soon be back to form.

  • Start again from square one then. If the programme worked for you last year, it seems likely that it will work for you again. If you can get back to running for 30 minutes in 9 weeks, i'd call that a great result.

  • Do you know *why* you developed these problems? 

    I'd agree with the others that square one and revisiting C25K is not such a bad place to be, clearly your confidence has taken a major knock. But I do think you need more information and reassurance about why these issues arose and anything you may need to do to help prevent them in the future.

  • I actually got to week nine with no problems whatsoever it was a week later it all happened out of the blue, apparently these are typical 'runners injuries ' Just can't bear the thought of going through all that again as l have lived off painkillers, but having said all that have missed the running. Thanks for advice.

  • Hi, i have just finished having physio for sciatica of which i was given 2 weeks of accupuncture and several wks of strtches. I started C25k even though advised not to taking really steady. Doctor thought it would be ok as long as no pain while running. Anyhow seems to have gone well as i have taken it steady and lots of stretches to warm up cool down. Good luck.

  • Thank you, good luck to you also.

  • Take it slow and listen to your body.  I graduated last year and had worked up to longer runs but had bad Achilles pain.  Didn't realise how bad it had got as it just came on gradually till I went to get new insoles to try and solve the pain  and then was told to stop running.  Physio and exercises followed but it took several months before I was in no pain, even walking.  Finally bit the bullet again to retry C25k in February.  Took longer between the earlier runs, certainly 3-4 days until I was sure there were no aches and pains and so far (touch wood) doing ok.  I don't think it's been quite as difficult this time; whether I wasn't quite so couch-ridden, whether some fitness remained or whether I know I've done it before so can do it again, I don't know.  Back up to week 9 run 1 now.  There's no rush.  Getting there slowly is better than 1) sitting on the couch and 2) rushing it and ending up on the IC again.

    Good luck.

  • Thank you, that all sounds very reassuring and glad you are nearly finished with no ill effects. I will take it slowly and to be honest can't wait to get back out there again.👟 

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