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Sport watches? Advice please


Morning all,

So feeling all motivated again and will banish those gremlins!

I would like to treat myself to a watch as i find tracking things on my phone clumsy and faffy. Does anyone have any advice?

I would like one that monitors heart rate, calories and distance ideally. I have been looking at a fitbit but wondered if there were any others people recommended?

Thanks in advance x

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My wife has a Garmin forerunner10 which she likes, comes highly recommended,the most simple watch, a lot have them, for gps, distance & pace, but no heart rate monitor, think you have to go to the next up, Garmin fr15 for that..

I started with a Fitbit charge HR but you still needed your phone to track runs really. I now have an Apple Watch. It tracks calories burned (although it's much less generous on that score than the Fitbit!), monitors heart rate, steps and nudges me to stand if I've been sitting for too long! I've now calibrated it with my iPhone so I can use the workout feature to track my runs without taking the phone with me. I can play music from the watch, it is paired with Bluetooth earphones. For each run it gives me distance, time, average speed, split speeds per km and average heart rate. As I run it gives me a beep as I reach each km and I can check my time as I run, if my eyes were better I could probably read more from the screen but I'm happy to be able to check how long I've been running for and review the stats when I get home. It looks nice, is very comfortable to wear and I can bling it up with different straps if I want to be girlie! On top of that you have all the smart watch features. As you can tell, I really like my Apple Watch.


I've got a Fitbit surge which I really like, it's easy to use and it has an app on my phone so all the stats are on there as well when I get back from a run.


Hi. I have had tom tom forerunner for two weeks , it measures all of the above . It's got a clear display and easy one button touch . My Hubble did some major investigation before picking this one for my birthday . It's easy to use and I have to say I like the navy and lilac strap ! ( you don't have to have this strap ! ) if you like running to music you can down load loads on to it and use blue tooth ear phones .

Saying all this he quite liked the fit bit blaze as well ( so he tells me ) , however this is looking for a sports watch for someone who isn't that tecki (I like switch on and go !! )

However I'm loving it , use it daily , love the fact it records my pulse ( it's pretty accurate , I have checked it against a pulse oximeter as I have a pace maker )

I'm sure whichever one you pick will be right for you

Enjoy the pick


I just upgraded from a Fitbit charge hr to a Fitbit blaze. I'm on week five of c25k and also doing a bit of cycling, and the only down side I've found is you need your phone on you to use its gps. It is good if you don't mind carrying your phone with you, and works well with the Fitbit app and strava. Saying that, I don't really like carrying my phone when running and wish I'd read more before I bought it.


Thanks everyone your replies have been very useful. Have been looking at fitbit surge don't mind carrying my phone around as music is on it but want to run for enjoyment rather than 'oh my God have I only done 2km!!!) so want to go just with time - 30 mins twice a week and a clubercise class that'll do me for know 😀

Thanks again for your detailed replies - right time to research your suggestions!


I bought my fitness watch from Lidl, it was only just under thirteen pounds.

I still use my phone for tracking distance bur my watch works well enough for the cost. 😊


I have a Garmin Forerunner 10, I love it! You also get to spend more hours on the forum there with runners from here if you want to!


Forerunner 10 here too. No heart rate monitor but not sure it's necessary. The final choice is Just about cost ☺

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