Jealous and snotty

I've had a crappy crappy nasty crappy cold for the past 3 days and I'm feeling super jealous of all your running tales. I've limited myself to reading the forum once a day as I just sit here in bed sad, snotty and envious. Sorry for the wallow, it's just so frustrating and I needed to vent. Might do a bit of pillow punching in a bit..

Happy running the rest of you healthy bunch, hope to join you soon!


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11 Replies

  • That sucks - there is a really nasty thing going around for the past few months so I hope it is just a cold :-(

    Where are you up to in the plan? Console yourself with how much progress you have made! If you are like me then every week is hard, but don't lose sight of the fact that this week you are running much further than last week (and the week before that etc.) and yes, it's hard, but wow - you are running much further!

    I understand from my dearest wife that chocolate, washed down with hot chocolate, tissues and Netflix+some American medical/firemen based drama is just the ticket...

  • Maybe take this time to research running form?

  • You won't lose any fitness in 3 days! I find even taking a week off has no effect, if anything it makes you stronger. So see this as an investment, plan your next routes and look forward to really enjoying that next run! 

    Get well soon!

  • Chin up Clover !

    Sorry to hear youre poorly , colds can make you feel so crap cant they ? Its when we cant get out and run we realise how much we love it .

    You will be back soon, and you can pick the programme up again.

    No worries :-) xxx

  • You will be back with us soon...plan some new routes... pamper yourself... ( not chocolate though...cloying and horrid...I am biased though... don't like chocolate. :) )

    Pillow punching..very satisfying and a good book !

  • Get well soon Clover - it's such a pain being laid up.

  • Bless you.  Get well soon.

    Just hold the thought that you will be well rested and raring to go in another few days. 😷🏃

  • I feel your pain, though without the cold bit! I've pulled some muscle and am stuck resting and wallowing in uncomfortableness til it gets better and I just wanna run! Hope you feel better soon! 

  • It is so frustrating to have to stop but you'll be on the mend soon and back out pounding the streets. Just take it easy and let yourself get well again.

  • Poor you 🤒 Sending healthy vibes your way. Every time I sneeze I worry I'm going down with something that will stop me running. ME! who 5 weeks ago glared out the window at those Lycra clad loons who ran past my house. Now I am one of them. Also its hay fever season so I sneeze a lot 😂 Hope you are back out among the Lycra loons soon.

  • Oh thanks everyone, this really is the best forum on the whole bloody internet! Feeling better today, the random aches are subsiding so everything else is much more bearable!! Thanks for the encouragement, suggestions and general niceness, it really brightened my wallow day yesterday. The sun is shining so I shall go and sneeze on the front steps and plan the next run! X

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