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First race on Sunday

Getting ready for my first 10k race after graduating a few weeks ago- I changed the words to give me something to chant when I feel like giving up

At first I was afriad I was petrified

Thinking how am I going to run this far

And I've spent so many miles


Thinking how it's goin to hurt

And I grew strong

And I learned how to ignore the pain

And now your back

Go on now RUN another K

Pain p**s off now

You are NOT welcome anymore

Your the one who tried to hurt me with leg cramps

Do you think i'd crumble


Do you think I will lay down & die

Not I

3 Replies

Love the song!!!😊😆 great that you are up to 10k race already!take it steady and you'll do well with those words to keeep you going!!!


Ha,ha jayz89 " I'm singing in in my head... Just singing ing in my head, what a glorious feeling, you've got a race planned ahead". Enjoy the whole experience, got your bag packed yet?

All the very best and wave your arms high as you pas.the finish line! 


Ha ha, love it 😀

Great tune.  If that don't carry you round nowt will 😊

Good luck.  Have fun.  A race is a blast! 


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