This programme is so clever isn't it? There I was a couple of weeks ago thinking '90 seconds run - that's impossible' whereas today (WK5 R1) when I noticed I had 90 secs to run out of the 5 mins I just thought 'Oh I can do that'. The last 5 mins was tough but I did it!

With all your support (thanks!) the pre run gremlins seem to be disappearing. However, the during run ones are still there trying to make me stop!

How do you divert your minds from thinking about how much your legs hurt?! I have tried the podcast but can't keep the ear plugs in my ears. My thoughts today were a constant monologue of .... Ooh my calves hurt ...... Perhaps I'll stop ....... No I won't ...... Ooh my calves hurt....... I should stop ...... No I won't. ..........And so on.

Any advice gratefully received! X


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  • I've tried assorted headphones over the years. I've had a good pair of Philips over-ear ones for a couple of years, but they've finally given up so I've got some new Sony ones which are a very weird shape which sort of go all around the ear, with the actual speaker bit just sitting inside the ear. (Yes, that description sounds as baffling as they are - but they work!)

    Other than that, counting breaths is my main distraction. And doing maths on how far through the run I am.

    It's great to see your progress, isn't it - even at the incredibly slow rate I've gone this time round, it's not *that* long since 3 mins was incredibly scary. And now I know I can do 25 mins.

    Actually that's another gremlin-beater - the knowledge that you *can* do this - you've done all the previous runs, you're prepared for this one too. And we're all cheering you on. :)

  • Thanks! I'll have a look for the Sony headphones. And try counting! Xx

  • It's the human body that is amazing, plus the plan too of course :-) funny how we adapt to change. I was thinking at week two - "there is no way I can run for 20 minutes non-stop in three weeks!" but you just do :-D

    Last 5 minutes of my 25 min run on Sunday I was so very nearly sick. Running up a slight hill but it seemed never ending. I just had to keep going - just tried to keep thinking of other things, what I was going to have to drink in the cafรฉ afterwards, work, my rabbits - anything! If it gets really painful I just slow right down.

  • 25 mins - that's so fantastic! Well done - and uphill too! X

  • Running in silence is definitely harder, I have had frequent tech failures and sheer stubbornness has got me through to the end. I often count steps too as something to concentrate on or look for something ahead which I am aiming towards, a tree or something. If you can find some headphones, music will definitely help. Could you put your phone in one of those armbands and listen to the music from the phone rather than through ear plugs?

  • Thanks - I'll have a try - though at the moment. I hold my phone to look at the app (simple c25k) to see how long I have to go. It's supposed to vibrate when it's time to swap, but sometimes this doesn't seem to work. My technical skills are poor - need to do a couch to running with music course!

  • If you're anything like me the technology will try to trip you up at every possible opportunity. Need to let it know who's boss ! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Poems, rhymes, make up words to songs... such fun.. over the winter before I graduated... i made up words to Christmas carols :) ( I am famous.. sorry, infamous on here, for my rambling posts about things to think of whilst running etc :))

    Ignore the gremlins.. they simply hate, being ignored...imagine squishing them with every step.. splodge!

    Well done you, anyway ! Onward and upward.. our minds are so brilliant aren't they ? :)

  • Ooh poems and songs - will try next run. Thanks x

  • It really works... I had a brilliant one through Graduation to the tune of Deck the Halls!

  • I love the thought of stamping and squishing the gremlins away, that will give me entrainment on my next run oohhh my last wk9r3 wooho..

  • Yeay go you!!!

  • The Aching Calves Song is ideal! (sung to the harvest tune of "we plough the fields and scatter)...


    Oh gosh I think my calves hurt

    So much that I should stop

    Perhaps it's just the gremlins though

    I'll make that one go 'pop'

    But no, it's really hurting now

    Just look at my sad frown

    No wait, I know another trick

    I'll slow this run right down.

    Good Lord they're really aching

    I can't take any more

    Think like a musketeer now

    Foresooth they're really sore!

    But actually I'm doing it

    The ache is just an ache

    And Laura says slow down now

    I've done it! Piece of cake!

    Works for me ;)

  • Brilliant , love it ! :-D xxx

  • Fantastic! :D

  • Haha brilliant! Thanks! X

  • Wonderful!!!! Absolutely love it... Love it, love it, love it!!!

  • Well done Tess! yes the gremlins do lessen as you go on and keep at it...๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Over the ear headphones like others suggest are just brilliant as the little ones don't stay in my ears either.

    My trick is just focusing on what's around me and varying my route so I constantly think about which way I'm going to turn at the end of the next path/road (not a luxury everyone has depending on where you're running I suppose).

    You're right, the programme is just amazing. Then again, it takes you to do it so it's not magic without the effort you also put in :)

  • I did C25K in France where I had a gremlin on each shoulder, one from England the other little monster was French...I used to swear at them out loud in each language...good job I don't see many people when I'm running!

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