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Lower back

Hi only just started week 2 and feel better already. All OK but really a little anxious about lower back. In 2010 had MRI pointing to lower spine degeneration which gives sciatica if I sit,stand walk too much. Has improved as consultant said, I assume the vertebrae are fusing Like he said. I have walked regularly a lot since then and I rarely need painkillers. I guess it's a balancing act and I will take it steady but interested to know if others have any advice/experience please? Thanks

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I have sciatica and it had been troubling me a lot more in the past couple of years, however since starting running it has gradually improved.  It's starting to niggle a bit now that I have reached the longer runs but I am hoping that it will help to strengthen it eventually.  Core exercises will help too.


Thanks for your reply. I've been OK so far but realise I still have a long long way to go! Can I just ask did it take a lot longer to increase running time and guessing core exercises is like Pilates?


Pilates is good, but anything that strengthens the core is good also.  I found some good exercises in a running magazine.  It has taken me a while to get to the end of week 6 where I am now, for various reasons.  But stick at it, and make sure you go slowly when running to let your body become adapted.


Will persevere steadily and hunt out core exercises. Probably do those on non running days if I can. You have given me more hope I could actually make it to the end of the programme. W2R2 today and long weekend away with lots of walking planned. Can see from other posts that for lots of reasons it is adaptable. Fingers crossed and thanks

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My wife on here slinkylinky, suffers sciatica, shooting leg pain, but not for a while now, she's just done w5r3 last night and is doing very well except for a bit of knee pain, so rest for a few days..


Thanks just done W2R2 and no problem. Going to go very steady 


I suffered from back pain after i strained my back in my youth for decades.

I had a lot of treatment, acupuncture, physios, osteopaths, chiropractitioners, massages, pilates,  epidurals, streroids, painkillers but nothing worked.

If you can run without pain and it has no adverse effect afterwards then perhaps running will not aggravate the condition. However if it does hurt when running, if it aches afterwards and you struggle to straighten your back i would suggest that running is to be avoided. I used to go running with a back condition. I found that  it caused swelling and made it very painful. After a run if i wanted to run again i had to wait 7 days or longer if the pain for the pain to subside. 

After major surgery i find it is still very painful if i walk for longer than an hour but surprisingly running is fine.



It's impressive you persevered after all the difficulties you had. I think I may need to keep to some weeks for a good while and I'm sure resting for more than every other day may help. I notice even the really fit graduates experience off days too. Have decided if I can do couch to run/walk ratio of some sort it will still be better than what I was doing. I am also going to look into core exercises as LisaRose74 suggests. Thanks again it helps to see how others cope  


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